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What photographic effects can give the feeling of escapism and anxiety?

I need to create a photograph that gives the feeling of escapism and anxiety. What kind of techniques can I use — especially in post-processing — to create this mood.
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Is there a term for photos with a cold, yet relaxing, feeling to them?

What do we call such type of photos where it is always kinda gray, has a cold feeling and relaxing feeling to it, and is most likely going to be in a northern country like Sweden or Canada? I'm ...
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How can I best shoot a rainy wedding? [duplicate]

Tomorrow I have my third wedding to photograph, but its going to rain and its going to be cold. It's more or less the opposite of what the couple wants and they are going to be pissed. It's also ...
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How to show happiness in a playground without any human presence?

I don't have any humans to pose. I have a playground with a swing which rotates to and fro. I also have children's toys and clothes and shoes. I wish to create a scene which shows that a child "was" ...
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Was there ever a photo that made people cry?

With video, it's pretty easy to evoke emotions. I've seen movies, short clips, music video, animations etc that gets so emotional it would make people cry. Is there something similar with photography? ...
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How to achieve a "moody" effect in urban landscapes?

I have been photographing for a few years now, mostly urban landscapes, among others - abandoned sites. I am not an artistic kind of guy, more of a perfectionist, so my photos are usually as realistic ...
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How can I give an ethereal appearance to a photo?

Using only photoshop filters, how can I give a paradisiac appearance to a photo? The type of photos to edit are mainly portraits of women, but the technique must also be applicable to landscape ...
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What gives lenses a cinematic feel?

Maybe this is far to broad a question, but I'm not sure I can do better: I'm interested in using a cheap DSLR for movies (hacked Panasonic GH1). I am a good artist, but I don't know anything about ...
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How do I create a sense of power and splendor in an image?

I'm trying to take that convey strong emotional feelings, and I would like to know whether there is any particular color scheme or type of picture that would convey a feeling of power and/or splendor.
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Ways to achieve warm lighting style?

The photo will be taken from the ceiling above the bed and catch the entire bed in the frame. I am trying to simulate a feeling of warmth, safety, and comfort in his bed using the light. I have red ...
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