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Questions tagged [monitors]

Electronic visual displays for computers.

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Nikon D3300 connect to smartphone

I own a Nikon D3300 and I want to use an external monitor but without spending too much money. D3300 doesn't provide WiFi capability. So, i found out that I can use my phone with an otg cable and ...
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Is there a way to visualize the flag on a second monitor while in loupe view on Adobe Lightroom?

When I'm culling my pictures I like to put my laptop on grid view and put the images on display on a 50" inches TV on my wall. One problem I have when doing this is that when I go back and forth while ...
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Configuring live view on external monitor for Nikon D7100 attached to microscope

The camera is attached to a professional dentistry microscope and feeds into an external monitor through HDMI. The live view on the monitor is really dark, and details undistinguishable. However, ...
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