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20 votes
3 answers

What are these black lines in the photograph?

I was trying to take pictures (Samsung Note 20, both front and back camera) of the beautiful lights in a cafe in Seoul (Humbolt Cafe, 325-17 Seongsu 2(i)-ga 1(il)-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul). But for ...
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3 answers

What causes the vertical darker bands in my photo?

I was taking a picture of my class note with my mobile phone and after taking the snap, the photo appears to have some vertical darker bands. The bands were moving horizontally from left to right ...
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8 votes
3 answers

What is this called and what causes it? Bright highlights along contrasting edges

I've been looking at some sample photos from different mobile phones and I've noticed some of them have this weird feature: edges where contrasting colors meet have an additional glow. Presumably this ...
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2 answers

Why do my mobile phone images have a ghostly glow?

I'm not too sure if a setting or update has changed the quality of my photos, or if the glass lens protector I have put on may be causing this. I have a Samsung S10 5G. It used to take amazing photos, ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to extract depth information from JPEG files?

Some mobile phones support changing the depth of field using depth information calculated from dual cameras. If the depth information is stored in the jpg file, how can it be extracted?
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4 votes
1 answer

Why does my first picture have a dark area and the next is fine?

I was in class and took a picture of the slides with my phone (iPhone 13 if that helps) but the first one (I zoomed in a little on that one) turned out as shown while the next one was fine. The two ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Camera Phones with longer focal lengths for Portraits?

It seems most cell phone cameras are in the 25-35mm wide-angle focal range, which produces less-than-desired proportions when taking photos of people. Some phones have a "portrait mode", but this ...
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1 answer

What is the Job of second lens in dual camera Mobile phones

Somewhere I read that two lenses are required to create a DSLR effect- Blurring the background. But today I read, the Aperture size is responsible for blurring the background, So any lens (single ...
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1 answer

How can I apply the same keywords to multiple photos in Lightroom Mobile?

I’m using Lightroom CC for mobile on an iPhone SE. Is there a way to apply one or more keywords to a group of photos, or do I have to retype them for each photo? This is easy in the desktop version, ...
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What does "12MP + 12MP Camera" mean in the specs of a mobile phone?

I have seen some mobile phone specifications that mention "12MP + 12MP Camera", such as these specs for a Samsung Note 8: ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How can I refocus a downloaded Huawei P9 image?

I know of course, I can do it with the camera app on the phone if the "Aperture mode" has been activated. Is it possible to refocus such image once it's downloaded from the camera? How?
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does my phone intermittently add Title and Subject attributes?

I have taken a lot of photos, over the past couple of days, using the default 'Camera' App that came with my Huawei Mobile phone. I have since uploaded these Photos to my Computer, via Google Photos. ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Why has no phone manufacturer tried a lens turret system yet?

Early 35mm film cameras, esp. movie ones, used lens turrets, ie. a ring with 3 or more pre-mounted lenses that you would rotate to switch between lenses. I'm talking about this: I do wonder - why not ...
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1 vote
4 answers

I want to take photo of moon with my mobile camera?

I tried taking pic of moon with my mobile camera, i tried auto mode and manual mode also. but its not clear. what are different option or addition tool required.
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1 vote
2 answers

How do I get paid for my photography?

I am an amateur photographer who doesn't even own a DSLR. But, I do have a good collection of mobile photgraphy (mainly nature photography) and would like to sell them. Are there any magazines (or ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How do I sort photos from DSLR and mobile phone so that photos are arranged by when they are taken?

Whenever i travel i take photos from both mobile phone as well as my DSLR. Later on i combine photos from both and select best photos. Problem is that because of different naming patterns in DSLR and ...
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1 answer

How to select a cell phone (mobile phone) that will have the best camera hardware and software?

Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, I had the opportunity to attend a few art gallery openings that featured photography. What surprised me was that some of the photographs were taken using ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can you simultaneously back up a photo to iCloud Photos and Google Photos on iPhone when you shoot it?

If i want to have a double back up simultaneously on both services, can they work at the same time and not have a conflict ? Did anyone try? So what I’m aiming for: 1x Photo is taken on iPhone, photo ...
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3 answers

How to create photos that make a little movement and then remain still in the final position?

I'm not interested in "live photos" like flowing water or a burning flame in an otherwise still photograph. The kind of photographs I'm interested in is like "a person moves his/her ...
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2 answers

How to copy EXIF metadata on Android from one photo to another?

I'm looking for a way to copy some (say date, location, camera) or all EXIF metadata from one image to another image on Android, so I can restore metadata deleted by some photo editing apps. I ...
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What causes these vertical dark bands? [duplicate]

What could explain the dark bands seen in these pictures? This photo was taken at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, using a Pixel phone. The picture is shot looking through a glass panel into a ...
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2 answers

Can i stack both a lens and a (variable) ND filter on a phone camera?

I am o total noob so forgive the blunders. I am interested in filming my travels with a Samsung S7 mobile phone, so the upper level of amateur is enough for me. So video, not photo. What i want is to ...
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2 answers

Mobile camera sensor specifications (database?)

I already know sites as which are good databases for detailed sensors specifications, especially regarding DSLR. But I would like to find ...
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2 answers

Can a mobile phone camera be considered equivalent to 10-20mm wide angle lens on a crop body? [duplicate]

I want to see the perspective we get from an 10-20mm wide angle lens on a crop body DSLR. Can a mobile phone camera be considered equivalent to 10-20mm wide lens on a crop body?
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1 answer

How can I download a photo from my Canon 6D and open in Lightroom for Android?

How can download a photo over WiFi from my Canon 6D and edit the RAW file in Adobe Lightroom for Android? I currently am able to download a JPEG from my Canon 6D connecting with Canon Camera Connect ...
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2 answers

For an avid photographer, which cellphone is better between Google Pixel 3A, OnePlus 7T and Samsung S10?

I am an avid photographer and want to buy a phone which gives the best photos even in low light conditions but I have to choose between the mentioned phones so which one should I go for?
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1 answer

Mobile photography and color chart

I have read online that to get colors right in photo you need to use color chart. I have searched online, but have not found any information if color chart is used(should be used) also when taking ...
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What might explain the 2 butterfly images in the picture? [duplicate]

This picture of a butterfly was taken using a mobile phone camera. Attached image is unedited. I am looking for explanations for the dual image of the butterfly
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Want to have 'all photos' with edits (develop settings) on new phone without sync option

I have lightroom mobile 6.2.1 version (unlocked) on old phone with over 162 images under 'All photos'. Sync option is disabled for obvious reasons.  I need to transfer this data to new phone with ...
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Why does lightroom stop syncing to mobile?

My Lightroom v2015.6.1 stops sync'ing frequently to Lightroom mobile. I have to close the desktop application and reopen it for synchronization to start again. I'm sync'ing a fair amount of photos ...
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How can I get a large depth of field with an SLR? [duplicate]

When smartphones are video recording stuff, pretty much everything is in focus, where as "big" cameras don't do this? If I wanted to record something with my camera I will have to constantly ...
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6 answers

What is the correct way to describe better camera, aperture f/2.2 or f2.2?

I am hearing lot of people/website talking about aperture very often. But different website writes it different way. What is the correct way to mention it? E.g. If some good camera phone has ...
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Snapseed vs Lightroom PC output quality

All of them has some pluses and minuses. My concern is, if I process the photo in Snapseed in to the final form with tools which Snapseed offer. Will the output quality be great as same as Lightroom ...
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Which DOF Adapter works with APS-C lenses?

Which DOF Adapter works with APS-C lenses? I know about Beastgrip MK.2 and Ulanzi DOF Adapter but they need full frame lenses
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