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Minolta was a Japanese company that produced cameras from 1929 until 2003, when it merged with Konica. In 2006, Konica Minolta exited the camera and film business. In 2017, the trademark was purchased by Elite Brands (EBI), which now sells cameras under this brand name.

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Can I use old Minolta AF lenses on my new Canon?

I just recently bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel t2i/550d. I use it mostly for video and it works wonderfully. I bought the kit lens with it, but I am looking to expand my lens collection. I found ...
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Difference between Minolta MC and MD mounts and can they be used on AF camera?

I am looking at some older lenses for sale. There are a lot of Minolta MC and MD mount lenses out there. Can they be used on an AF mount body at all (as a fully manual lens)? Will either of the MC ...
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Using SLR Lenses on DSLR Cameras

I'm just starting out with DLSR photography - I recently purchased a Sony A230 with the kit lens (18mm - 55mm). I know that the lens mount is compatible with Minolta lenses. These lenses were ...
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Can I use Minolta Maxxum lenses with Sony Alpha cameras?

I have an old Minolta Maxxum 7000i AF-SLR camera from early 90s. I have a complete set of lenses, filters, etc., I found out that Sony ultimately ended up buying Minolta, and developing their alpha ...
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Any reason to buy stock lens for Sony Alpha if I already have good Minolta Maxxum lenses?

I am a novice photographer looking to get into DSLR photography. I have an old Maxxum 5 and a couple lenses for it: a 75-300 zoom and a 28-80 zoom. After reading this question, it is clear that ...
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Why I can't find an A-mount to Canon EF Adapter?

I looked online for an adapter from A-mount to Canon EF but I couldn't find. The Minolta/Sony A-mount flange focal distance is 44.50mm and Canon EF flang focal distance is 44.00mm, in theory A-mount ...
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What creative things can I do with incompatible lenses?

I found an old 28-85mm and a 70-210mm lens my father used on his 35mm Minolta but they are incompatible with my D7000. Keeping in mind I'd rather not take off the current lens to avoid any dust going ...
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What type of camera does this "Vivitar 75-205MM" lens fit?

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Does anyone know what camera this lens would fit? It doesn't fit my Canon EOS Rebel T1i. A friend got it for me, not knowing it wouldn't fit. Thank you in ...
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My roll of film didn't rewind inside all the way

I have an automatic, Minolta Zoom 160. I just finished a roll of 400 / 24 shots & I heard the film rewind back into its canister just as I finished the last shot. When I opened the back of the ...
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What lenses other than MD can I use with a Minolta XG-7 camera with an adapter?

I recently bought a Minolta xg-7 camera at a thrift store. The store only had the body available but it was so cheap that I thought I could by a lens separately. I have found a few MD mount lenses ...
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Which will produce a shallower depth of field: 50mm f/1.7 or 70-210mm f/4?

I'm shooting with a Sony a77. What would produce a more shallow depth of field for portraits: a Minolta 50mm 1.7 wide open or a Minolta 70-210mm f/4 wide open?
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How do I figure out which adapter I need to put an old Vivitar lens on a Minolta body?

I'm looking for the correct adapter model to fit a 70-210mm zoom Vivitar lens onto the body of my Minolta Dynax 300si camera. As I will probably need to go to eBay, it would really be great to get it ...
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How can I use a manual-focus Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 55mm SLR lens on a four-thirds system?

I have few questions. I'm using a four-thirds system (an Olympus E-410) If I use a Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 prime lens: Can I use this lens with a Minolta MD/MC adapter? Will I lose auto ...
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