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How do I figure out which C adapter I need to use a CX4 Microscope Camera?

I work on very small electronics and I was trying to get a camera to take pictures of the boards that I work on. I ordered a CX4 cmos camera and got a C adapter to attach it to my microscope. It ...
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Can I adapt my 38mm auxillary lens microscope to use more widely available 42mm ones?

I have a Bausch and Lomb/Leica StereoZoom 4 microscope that I would like to use for microsoldering and occastional photos. Unfortunately, it only has 10X eye pieces and no auxillary lenses or ...
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How to consistently apply "global" color balance to multiple microscope images?

I have microscope images of similar samples, taken at different times with slightly different lighting conditions. Is there a way to apply a "global color balance" to all the images, if for example I ...
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Configuring live view on external monitor for Nikon D7100 attached to microscope

The camera is attached to a professional dentistry microscope and feeds into an external monitor through HDMI. The live view on the monitor is really dark, and details undistinguishable. However, ...
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