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What to use when signing print on metal

I saw an old thread about using a BIC Mark-It to sign print on metal. Then I saw a set of BIC Mark-ITs on amazon but when it was delivered, the label said BIC intensity. Does anyone know if BIC Mark-...
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Brightness of direct reflection on glossy surfaces

According to the book Light Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, metal chapter, the brightness of the direct reflection on a piece of metal is not affected by the distance ...
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Why does flash make a brass subject look grey?

I wanted to take a photo of some items I'd turned on a lathe, and lined them up. Photo was taken with an older samsung android phone, so absolutely nothing fancy. There are no filters enabled, the ...
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How do I remove specular reflection from metal and plastic glasses product photos?

I'm trying to take product photos of some eye glasses. The glasses are metal and plastic. For these photos, the LENSES are REMOVED so they do not constitute a problem. I am trying to photograph the ...
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Photo display options, prints, metal, digital display

So far I have been getting my prints done from Costco (~$7.50 for 16x20). These are framed without glass in ikea frames and put up using 3m picture hangers. Typical viewing distance 5+ feet. Moreover ...
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What is the recommended Diffuser Umbrella for a Metal Product Shoot?

I'm an intern for a lock company and they have me take product shoots of the locks. My Photoflood lights are too harsh to take pictures of the metal without a diffuser. But the diffusers I have right ...
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Which print medium has the highest dynamic range?

I am curious as to what dynamic range can be achieved with, let's say, glossy vs. matte paper or other media such as metal or acrylic prints.
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How to shoot a reflection in a ball bearing without appearing in it? [duplicate]

I am trying to shoot a reflection of a bearing in a round metal ball. The problem is that in order to photograph the reflection, I am always in the shot. I'm shooting on a white background, and I am ...
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How can I take photographs which best show scratches on the surface of metal?

Can you give me advice on how to get a good resolution for taking picture of metal surfaces? I want to take a picture displaying scratches on the surface of metal. My project description: ...
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How to photograph a footprint on metal?

I would like to take a photograph of a footprint in some metal. Are there any photography techniques or chemicals that would make the footprint easy to see on a photograph? It is a piece of glossed ...
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How can I photograph a reflective convex cylindrical trophy without reflections?

What I need to do: Take a standard "Product Shot" of an old trophy/cup with writing on that doesn't look a complete mess thanks to reflections What I have available to do it: Two radio triggered ...
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How to take pictures of reflective spherical objects?

I've always wondered looking at photographs of shiny Christmas were those photos taken without reflecting the photographer or the camera setup? These days, I can imagine that digital ...
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