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Is there solution for dynamic masking in Photoshop?

I'd like to achieve a "dynamic" masking workflow where one layer is masked based on another greyscale layer or group which I can actively edit and see the final results instantly with the ...
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How to copy mask and settings from one Photoshop Camera Raw instance to another?

Ive got many photographs shot against a similar background, ive got these photos saved as high res JPEGs. My workflow is currently : import the photo into photoshop right click the background layer ...
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How to reduce or eliminate flash reflections on eyeglasses in post?

First off, I know how to do this in the studio. Not gonna happen. This is an obituary photo. Second off, I don't do software subscriptions, so Photoshop is out. I know how to do this in Photoshop: ...
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How to mask a picture in Affinity Photo

I have the following picture. Using Affinity Photo (version on Windows 10), I want to mask everything except the child and the green rope she stands on/is holding in her hands. Everything ...
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How to apply a layer mask to multiple images in photoshop

I think this is a relatively simple question, but I can’t find an answer to it anywhere. I want to apply the same layer mask to multiple images in photoshop using an action. The layer mask is saved as ...
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Photoshop: how to mask blurred background

I have a portrait with a blurred background. I'd like to use this to create a mask or for alpha channel or to erase the background. So after editing I want to have an image with perfect white or ...
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Blue parts on the trees

How can I reduce or mask in LRoom blue parts on the trees (on the line between the sky and the trees) ?
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How do I generate a mask of the skin tones in an image?

I'm using a sequence of operations to smooth the skin of the body. What I'm doing is this: high-pass surface blur invert blend mode: linear light At this point, what I usually do is to create a ...
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Automatically mask out of focus part of an image

For a research project it would be handy to get only the in focus part of an image. Does anyone know some software that can do this? I know that the next version (in a few weeks) of Photoshop CC will ...
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How can I mass cutout people from stock photos with arbitrary backgrounds?

I have pictures that are going to be used to advertise clothing for a kids clothes shop. I have a quite a large amount of photos (266 ). They are all similar to this: My job is to cut the ...
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How to select part of image with white color using magic wand tool in Photoshop? [duplicate]

I want to select a dancer from this image . I have tried increasing tolerance, refining edges and using the smart brush for difficult places, but nothing can get satisfactory results. My best result ...
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How do I link selections on two different layer masks in Photoshop?

I've created my own action in Photoshop CS5 and in my example I am recolouring grass. The action stops for the user to paint a selection on a layer mask and continues with a colour balance ...
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2 answers

How can I link two layer masks together in Photoshop?

I'm trying to apply two adjustment layers to a parts of a photo in Adobe Photoshop. The adjustment layers are masked to the same section of the photo; so I have to copy the contents of one layer mask ...
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