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What is the term for an image sequence with one fixed object in each image?

How is it called if I have movie or image sequence in which one central object is always fixed? For example, the same car in different landscapes, the same kitchen aid in different kitchens, etc.? ...
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Why are some cameras unable to store photos in RAW format?

I am trying to understand the reason that some camera can't shoot in RAW. Initially, I thought was a matter of buses. It's easier to handle all the computation by the processor and transfer a lighter ...
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Photographers : One or Many Social Personalities [duplicate]

With photography covering such a wide range of topics, it's clear that a lot of photographers are likely to face an issue when it comes to being active in social circles - You don't want to expose ...
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Can I use photos of paid shooting sessions to promote my business?

Lets say a business pays me to do 8-12 business type of shots so they have some nice photos they can use on their own website - and they pay me for the shooting. Copyright stays with me, they get some ...
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How can I make money with my DSLR and 50mm lens? [duplicate]

I have a entry level full-frame DSLR with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, the end goal is that I want to generate some cash for buying my next lens/equipment. I have the following problems: Portfolio: I am a ...
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A/D conversion, processors marketed less actively than sensor characteristics?

In most literature about digital photography, there is some info-graphics about the path of the light signal from sensor to the storage. It starts with sensor, then there is the Analog-to-digital-...
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Is it worth submitting photography/artwork to online galleries?

After recently releasing my own gallery of artwork, I was wondering business wise whether or not to start submitting my photography/artwork to online galleries such as Etsy and EBay's art shop. The ...'s user avatar
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What does Nikon D300S offers over Nikon D7000? [closed]

What extra features Nikon D300S offers over Nikon D7000? Or Why is Nikon D300S is more expensive than D7000?
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How do I choose a title for a photograph?

I'm taking a lot of pictures and publishing them online even showing a few in a gallery but... I have a hard time thinking up names for them! I'm not entirely comfortable numbering them, and I think ...
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How do media publishers pay professional photographers for their celebrity photos?

This is a question for celebrity photographers. There are many online services now that market celebrity photos to media publishers. One example is the site WireImages. I am wondering if sites like ...
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Why are effective pixels greater than the actual resolution?

This page compares Canon EOS 550D and Canon EOS 500D cameras and mentions 18.7 million effective pixels for 550D. However the best resolution possible using this camera is ...
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Are there any businesses that will do all of the marketing of photography for you?

There have been some recent discussions about a very similar subject in the chat room, but I thought I'd ask here. Are there any businesses that as a photographer you sign on with them, they do the ...
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How to find a good marketing person?

I've taken many photos, gotten some favorable comments, and occasionally sell trade or give a few when it serves someone's need. The emphasis is on the word "few". Photography has been a serious ...
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Using and earning money images from a 10yr old 5MP camera

My camera is from about 2001 and rather limited by today's standards. 5 megapixel, ISO400 at the most, f/8 is the smallest aperture, noise even in good light, a few hot pixels in the CCD, no raw data,...
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What makes a client choose a professional photographer?

As a wedding and family / portrait photographer, how can I make myself a more attractive offering to people who are considering purchasing my services? What do you look for in a photographer? ...
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What creative ways have you exhibited your photos that led to more exposure?

I'm a serious hobbyist photographer and take pictures mostly for myself, but also love seeing my work used elsewhere. Recently I was in a position to use a photo of mine at an annual neighborhood ...
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