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What is the best way to capture welding photography [duplicate]

I am new to photography and am helping out at work taking photos of manufacturing steel, primarily welding. I was wondering if anyone could help me in what are the bests camera setting for this kind ...
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How do cameras undistort photos?

I have an image data set consisting of pairs of JPG and RAW files. I was tasked with transforming JPG pixel coordinates (x, y) to RAW pixel coordinates (x_raw, y_raw). By comparing RAW and JPG images ...
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Why is zoom provided in Tokina 11-16mm?

I wonder what's the use of providing zoom in the Tokina 11-16mm. Why not make it an 11mm prime lens instead? It would contain less elements, so will produce sharper images. Also at such wide angle, ...
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What are the production cost breakdowns for lenses?

I am very curious to know what the breakdown is for lens production costs. This information is hard to come by, and I am unable to find any reliable sources. Obviously, I can't just email Canon to ...
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What companies across the world are manufacturing 35mm film, and where (as of August 2018)?

Although there are numerous film brands available in shops and online, I'm interested in knowing who is manufacturing them, and where their factories are. I've limited the question to 35mm film, ...
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How is a Bayer filter manufactured?

Following on from an earlier question about bayer filters, it got me wondering: How are they actually manufactured? How do they apply such a small amount of dye to each sub pixel? My best guess ...
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What is the defect rate of lenses?

I've read a lot of reviews on sites like, and the likes and found that quite a few of their review samples turn out to be defective (including the premium 'L' ...
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