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M-mount is a bayonet-type lens mount known mostly from rangefinders manufactured by Leica, although during the film days it was one of few open standards with many manufacturers developing lenses and cameras for the M-mount.

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Which gotchas to look out for when adapting a Leica screw mount lens to an L-mount camera?

Why: I am on a lookout for a compact wide lens to use with a full-frame L-mount digital camera. Size and weight matter to me. I saw a nice lightweight old prime for Leica screw thread mount, and I ...
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Which kinds of lenses can be mounted on or adapted to the Leica M-Mount?

I'm confused by the choice of adapters offered for Leica M cameras. Now obviously Leica M mount lenses can be mounted, but I have also seen the M39 screw mount being mentioned a lot. I guess they are ...
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How does manual focus work using Leica lenses on other mirrorless cameras such as Fuji XPro1?

I used to own a Leica M4P, now I have gone digital with a Fuji X100. I love the X100 but the autofocus gives me so much trouble for street photography and its manual focus is terrible. I really ...
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Which mirrorless system should I pick for M-mount lenses (Leica / Zeiss ZM)

Which Mirrorless system should I pick for shooting with Leica M and Zeiss ZM glass? And why? My priorities: Manual focusing assists (can be rangefinder system, can be focus peaking, I hate picture-...
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