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Mapping from luminance (Candela / m²) to perceived brightness

As I understand it luminance (measured in Candela / m²) is a physical measure for the brightness perceived by the human eye. So the unit Candela already takes into account the biological response ...
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Understanding Entrance Pupil

let's consider a simple lens without diaphragm. For a lens like this, the book Science for Curious Photographer states that: The important fact is that the illumination of the image is proportional ...
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How to rescue ''dark photos'' of experimental work?

I have some photos which I took during some experimental work which ended up being so dark that the details can't really be seen (these are of spheres hitting a body of liquid and splashing). It will ...
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Luminance HDR - Canon CR2 - Black images

I've been using QTPFSGUI few years ago and I wanted to do some HDR images recently... on my mac... So I downloaded today the last version 2.6.0 available and tried to create my HDR from 3 CR2 images (...
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How to reduce or eliminate flash reflections on eyeglasses in post?

First off, I know how to do this in the studio. Not gonna happen. This is an obituary photo. Second off, I don't do software subscriptions, so Photoshop is out. I know how to do this in Photoshop: ...
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