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Is there a way to export the develop setting of multiple photos and use them on another computer which has the same photos?

I have a number of photos that need to be edited in Lightroom. I have 2 copies of each image (perfect copies, same filename) on 2 separate computers. I need to edit the photos on computer A in LR, and ...
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Canon 1000D SD card maximum

What are the max parameters of an SD card for the Canon 1000D? Some sources say it can read up to 16GB, other say 8GB is the max, other say they run into the problems with 32GB. (Many also outline the ...
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2 answers

How can I set up lighting effectively if I have major space constraints?

I need to photograph clothes on a mannequin (will be doing the ghost mannequin effect) what kind of lighting arrangement should I use? I am very limited in space- about 6x7 feet. Lighting equipment ...
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How can I set up lighting for fashion shots in a narrow hallway?

I do most of my fashion shots at home and due to lack of space I'm forced to do them in a narrow white corridor. I only have a single light for now and I'm trying to get pictures where there are no ...
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How do I set up a home portrait studio area in zero space?

I live in a small urban apartment with my wife, two children, two cats, a goat, and a flock of chickens. Or, at least it feels like that sometimes. I'd like to set up an area for basic portrait ...
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