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Light pollution is excessive or obtrusive and usually unwanted artificial light which is added to night photography or astrophotography photographs.

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Why is the starry night sky so unaturally bright?

The night sky in my vicinity has been rather poor in stars even when it was (presumably) clear of clouds: You can see an slight orange glow, which hides faint objects in the sky. Here is a full-size ...
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Is this band of light near the horizon light pollution or possibly airglow?

I took some night photos at Natural Bridges Natural Monument in Utah, United States. This is a very dark site which is Class 2 on the Bortle scale. See the Dark sky map. I took the photos mid-May, ...
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Are there any resources or websites for finding areas which have low levels of light pollution at night?

Are there any websites which map light pollution levels so I know where to go for decent long exposure night shots? Or general resources for that matter?
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How does light pollution affect astrophotography?

Light pollution by definition, adds more artificial light to the atmosphere. But how does this affect astrophotography? Do lights from the ground affect photographs of the sky (At the longer distance)...
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What can be used to "fight" light pollution in astrophotography?

I just read an answer to a question regarding astrophotography and I wonder what filters (and other stuff that helps) I can use for astrophotography for reducing the "effect" of light pollution. I ...
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