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3 answers

Autofocus in light painting

I'm working on light painting, and I am stuck. At the point of taking the shot it says to use auto focus and switch to manual. From what I have seen in tutorials. It's one pass of light on the subject ...
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Remove color range (to black) in Darktable

I'm quite new to DarkTable, I'm trying to learn but I can't spot how to do what I want and can't find it in the tutorials. I have taken some light painting photos, there is an overcast night sky in ...
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How would I use a off-camera flash for light painting for automotive photography?

What benefit would off-camera flashes have for light painting for automotive (cars and bikes) photography?
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How do I interpret flashlight specs for light painting at a distance?

Context So I've seen light painting shots and I'd like to try it out sometime. I'm more interested in painting say parts of the landscape so they stand out during a long exposure. Question Is there ...
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How can I achieve a light-painting portrait without the subject becoming translucent?

I know about light-painting. But, when I try portraits with light painting, I get a transparent image of that person in the portrait. My steps are: Set my DSLR in Manual Mode. Change the Shutter ...
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Steel wool photography: how to obtain lots of sparks?

what's the secret to get lots of sparks from the steel wool in this type of photography? My steel wool usually stops sparking after 7-8 seconds. I think this one sparked for a longer time!
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How can I achieve this style where the subject isn't blurred but bright lights will be light-painted? [duplicate]

I've been going through a company's photographer photos and I could narrow down two styles I'd like to develop and use in my shots, but I cannot figure out how he managed to do it: It looks like it's ...
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When doing a light painting photo with a keyring light, is it better to shine the light on the surface or towards the camera

I am looking into doing some light painting and at the moment I only have an LED torch to work with at the moment, I am looking into getting a couple of different small key ring torches, what sort of ...
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how to get the name of this shooting technique? [duplicate]

I really wonder : how this photo was taken ? what is the name of such of these technique ? how I can take such of these photographs ? could you please teach me :)
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3 answers

How do I get started with 'painting with light' photography?

Tunnels being naturally dark may not be the most intuitive choice for a place to take pictures. But I love the 'painting with light' work that artists such as 'Twin Cities Brightest' are putting out ...
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