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This tag is used for exposure levels and the "levels" tool in photo processing software. Don't use it for the horizon-alignment device.

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Brightness in viewing photos in Lightroom

When I edit (develop) a photo in Lightroom, the displayed image in Lightroom is brighter than the "real" photo. I deduce it in two ways: Inspecting the histogram, I see it is centered on ...
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What is this effect called? And what happens with the colors at that moment?

Right now i saw a video where the color on the legs have this single color level effect. Does anyone know how i can replicate such an effect and what is happening in this picture exactly?
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Image Magick - altering colour levels automatically

I've been tasked with finding a way to automatically crop and colour adjust product images. The images are on a white-ish background with somewhat inconsistent lighting. Manually, we'd use photoshop ...
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How can I apply auto-levels to a series of photographs, with each photo considered separately?

I'm working on a set of photos that I want to enhance automatically. I used an action that I created by my self using the levels option of PS. Yet every single photo has its own histogram so when I ...
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Autopano Giga: Leveling of an overexposed panorama (cr2 raw files)

I'm trying to correct an overexposed panorama in Autopano Giga but I haven't yet found a way to really adjust the right settings. It seems, that the problem lies in the interpretation of the CR2 ...
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What's the best method to change colours in a photo to another specific color?

What is the best way to change the colours in a photo to a specific colour? Specifically, how can we change the colours using Curves or Levels Layer? Here are few examples for understanding: orange ...
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What are the exact pixel values (or ranges) for shadows/midtones/highlights in Lightroom?

In lightroom, different sliders impact different pixel intensities. I'm looking for the exact values (or approximate ranges) of the various levels: ...
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What is the difference between levels, curves and contrast settings in post processing?

I have found and read a lot of tutorials that speak individually about curves, levels and contrast in post-processing but no luck so far about finding something that compares them. It is my ...
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Levels adjustment layer in Photoshop: why are the main sections called "input levels" and "output levels"?

When we use the levels adjustment layer we can see in the settings two main sliders: the first, with a histrogram, is called "input levels" (even if is not written), the second is called "output ...
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How can you limit the output of black and whites in Lightroom?

There is a successful photographer I follow and people love the effect they add to their photos. I've been editing photos for a long time and I know the trick they're using. However, I can't reproduce ...
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How are the levels and curves tools related?

I started to use levels and curves tools quite recently and now I mostly use the second one. Mostly this is due to the fact that I understand the underlied mathematics of curves better than levels. My ...
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Is Lightroom Auto Tone very dodgy?

I don't know if it is just my taste, or is lightroom's auto levels like rolling a dice? Sometimes is makes subtle adjustments that do improve the visibility of highs and lows, but 50% of the time is ...
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How do objects in the dark come up when post processing?

I took one shot of oil lamps. Partial metering mode was used and I focused on the bright yellow light, as expected the image was captured with only the light and its immediate surroundings visible. ...
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Can I batch process Nikon RAW (.nef) files to make them look like the camera's jpg compression?

I normally shoot my D80 in JPG mode, because I like the way the JPGs end up looking, and I have had a hard time manually processing the .nef files to look as nice to my eye. Sometimes the image ...
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What is the difference between an exposure slider and a levels slider?

One of the first things many postprocessing tutorials teach is to adjust the levels in a raster image editor, so the histogram uses the whole possible range. In my RAW editor (Darktable), there wasn't ...
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Is there any noise difference between averaged and long exposure photos?

Let's suppose I'm on a tripod, photographing a perfectly still scene (also dark) and I take these photos: 5 photos at ISO 3200 and 1s exposure 1 photo at ISO 100 and 5s exposure There is a common ...
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Why do cameras often produce digital images that benefit from levels adjustment?

See: In the examples on that page, the original image doesn't have any pure white or pure black in it, so contrast can be added by changing the ...
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Preserving texture in shadows with levels/curves

I have the following image, and I would like to preserve a little bit of texture in the shadows. As you can see (hopefully), the darkest parts of the image have gone to a solid black. There is some ...
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