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Do cameras do lens correction for in camera JPEGs? [closed]

What are the steps involved when a camera converts RAW images into JPEG? Based on the Lensfun database I believe the camera is at least doing some things that are on a per-lens-basis, such as fixing ...
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Lens corrections from lightroom .lcp to darktable .xml

My aim is to convert lens correction file .lcp (adobe lightroom) to use it in darktable. I downloaded lensfun database with lensfun-convert-lcp (it has no extension) regarding this link and have no ...
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How to check lensfun version on Fedora

I was just about to make calibration files for my Tamron 90mm SP but according to lensfun it was added in 1.613 (there is only one SP 90mm and it's the same as the one I have in EXIF). How can I check ...
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Converting adobe lens correction for lensfun / darktable

I'm trying to import Adobe's lens profiles to lensfun (for use with darktable). I'm using darktable 2:2.6.2-1 on Arch Linux installed through pacman, which brought down lensfun 0.3.2-7. (I'm not ...
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Darktable 2.4.4 image info module showing 160 for lens, instead of lens name

I'm using Darktable 2.4.4 on Linux Mint 19 Xfce. I have updated Lensfun (v0.3.2.4). How do I get my 18-55 lens to be automatically recognized? My Nikon D5300 is recognized, no problem, but the kit ...
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Why doesn't UFRaw automatically find the lens profile for one of my lenses, even though it's in the database?

When I open a raw image, made with a Canon EOS 600D, UFRaw for some lenses does not automatically find the lens profile. This is an example where it does find the profile: ...
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