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Questions tagged [lens-mount]

A lens mount is an interface, mechanical and often also electrical, between a photographic camera body and a lens. It is confined to cameras where the body allows interchangeable lenses.

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How did technicians individually hand-shim each Pentax/Konica 35mm slr lens mount?

I just received a Konica Autoreflex T and I found out that the lens mount is individually hand shimmed. How did the technicians determine if the lens mount is correctly parallel to the focal plane?
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Sony E-Mount Lens on C or CS mount Arducam (HQ) - Can I find or make an adapter?

I purchased the Arducam HQ, 16MP camera, bundled with a 3MP 6-50mm C mount lens (including the CS adapter) From close I am very happy with the quality, 50cm away looks exactly as I expected. But when ...
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