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Of and relating to the specifics of lens construction and manufacture.

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Are internal focusing primes actually uncompensated varifocal lenses?

If I shorten the focal length of a lens without taking any other measures, that will reduce the required flange distance for infinity focus - meaning that if the actual flange distance is not changed, ...
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Are "moustache" distortions in rectilinear ultrawides the result of a fisheye+pincushion construction?

If I wanted to try and build an ultrawide, I guess I would try building a fisheye first, then try tearing the frame back into shape with a group that introduces pincushion distortion. The kind of "...
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What lens would suit an A4 large format camera

I'm planning on building a scanner camera. The principle of which is simple: everything's built like a large format camera, except the film is a simple scanner controlled by computer. Now, building ...
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Projector Design and lenses

I am working on a project where I need to project a single image onto an object, Originally I was looking at the digital projector route but due to cost and complexity this has been ruled out. I found ...
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