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How does sensor size affect minimum front element size for a given f-stop and focal length?

Does the sensor size affect the needed size of the front element given a focal length and f-stop? My intuition tells me that a bigger image circle would require a bigger front element to maintain the ...
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What motivated lens makers to now use 1/3 f-stops rather than say 1/4 or 1/2 stops?

I've noticed that many older lens have just hard f-stops for lens (2, 2.8, etc). However, since the aperture wheel for some is continuous you can "stop" are some arbitrary point and shoot. From my ...
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what is the barriers of making fast lenses? [duplicate]

I know there are lenses like f/0.7 However as a beginner I'm wondering what's the barrier of making ultra fast lenses like f/0.01 ? Also if lens manufacturers willing to make wide aperture lenses, ...
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What's the difference between real and effective aperture?

I understand that the simple idea that f-stop is focal length divided by aperture really applies to a simple single-glass lens, not the compound lens systems used to provide good image quality in ...
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What is the limiting factor in lens construction when it comes to f-stop values?

This widely praised Nikon 105mm macro lens has a maximum f-stop value of 2.8. I've held it in my hands, it's a big lens. Meanwhile, this 50mm Nikon lens can go up to f/1.2, despite being 25% cheaper ...
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Does focus breathing make a lens slower when close focusing?

I've heard that focal length of some lenses will become noticeably longer when focusing to a close distance, an effect called "focus breathing". Since f-number is focal length divided by diameter of ...
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