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Questions tagged [layers]

a feature of many image editing programs, which allows cumulative edits to be applied on top of an image

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6 answers

Can 30 1-second exposures be combined to a form the equivalent of a single 30s exposure?

I need to take 30 1s exposure shots in raw at night. The image becomes ALMOST black... Is it possible to take this tiny amount of light/information and sum them all toghether and get as a result a ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How to create the equivalent of an Adjustment Layer in an editor that does not support it?

As a user of GIMP I tried to understand what Photoshop's Adjustment Layers are, without actually using PS. My understanding is that GIMP does not yet support AL (is this correct?). So, trying to ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Do jpgs have "layers"?

I have jpg photos with frames put on them which a friend made for me. I noticed when I open the jpgs though, that the image loads first and then the frame loads on top of it (that is, I can see the ...
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3 answers

Why does my focus stack result in a blotchy background?

I've recently taken up photography with using a Canon 50D and thought I'd try some macro photography of flowers. Having researched the subject and read about focus stacking to increase the depth of ...
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