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Is it possible to connect SLR or mirror-less cameras with Getac V110 directly (WLAN)?

I'm working within a project where we do a lot of field mapping. To map objects we use the GPS-enabled,fully rugged convertible notebook Getac V110 (see specs). To create and edit objects we use a ...
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Can I edit professionally with a MacBook 2010 (without retina display), or do I need a retina display?

I'm a beginner photographer. I've been having trouble editing for a long time because I have a MacBook Pro 2010 (without retina display) because that's the only thing I could afford right now. When ...
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How can I take a picture and send it straight onto my laptop with a cable?

I have recently had some portrait pictures taken and the photographer was able to view the photo straight after he had taken them on his laptop, instead of the camera's LCD. What cable I need to do ...
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Which Laptop for Lightroom, Photoshop CC 2015.5 and Premier Elements [duplicate]

I have spent months looking into a new laptop. It's primary use will be editing and developing photos in Lightroom but I will also be putting together photo and video slideshows in Premier Elements ...
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Are there graphic cards that allow calibration of conventional laptop displays?

I am about to buy a new laptop and would like to use it for photoediting. It would be nice to be able to adjust displays colors so they are accurate and display the real colors. Are there any ...
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What laptop specs are important for intensive image editing work?

How important is the following in purchasing a laptop that will be used for image editing: processor speed amount of RAM integrated vs. dedicated graphics card HD speed (SSD; or 5400/7200/10000 rpm)
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What is the color reproduction accuracy on mid-2012 non-Retina Macbook Pro-s and how applicable it is for photo editing?

What is the color reproduction accuracy (sRGB color space coverage) for Apple Macbook Pro non-Retina models from mid-2012 and how applicable it is for photo editing? I read that MBP Retina display ...
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Recommendations for a small to mid sized camera bag which will hold a laptop?

I'm doing research on a camera bag. I'm looking for a small book bag to carry my d70 with 18-70 attached, a 70-300, my 8-16, and MacBook pro. I'm interested in finding a camera bag that can also hold ...
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Which laptop has the best display for photographic processing?

I'm planing to get myself a new laptop for processing my shots in Lightroom. I shoot in RAW and then process all my images in LR. I'm looking for a laptop, 15.6 inch with the best LCD. So far I've ...
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How can I get accurate photo colors on a laptop screen?

My editing mainly involves these things: Adjusting the colors, white balance , brightness (slightly , to get that subtle combination) Cropping of the images. I have recently bought a laptop and I am ...
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