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Questions tagged [keyboard-shortcuts]

For questions related to keyboard shortcuts in photo editing applications.

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Before/After shortcut in Library|Loupe view

In Lightroom, the \ shortcut works for before/after in the Develop module - is it possible to do before/after in Library|Loupe view? In that view, the same shortcut ...
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Photoshop - Select & Mask - keyboard shortcut

What are the keyboard shortcuts available when in Select and Mask? (PS 2020) I'm specifically looking for the keyboard shortcut to change from + to - while in Select and Mask (see image attached)
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2 answers

Lightroom adjustment brush settings or shortcuts

Working in Lightroom and suddenly my 'adjustment brush' tool is auto masking the entire photo I am editing. I must have hit a key on the keyboard. The 'auto mask' box is unchecked (I tried checking ...
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Darktable : Compare before and after quickly

Is there a way to quickly compare before and after in Darktable? I know how it can be done using the snapshot panel, but is there a way to do it faster?
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2 answers

How to undo all changes to an edited image in RawTherapee?

My Problem I am editing an image in RawTherapee, and I am not satisfied with the result. I want to undo all changes and start editing the original image. If possible, I would be happy to see a list ...
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Lightroom preview before and after last adjustment applied

When I was using only Camera Raw within Photoshop CS6 there was a hotkey available (Ctrl+Z) which allowed to cycle between current version of the settings and the previous one. It was a quick and easy ...
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Digikam: What is the extension for exportet keyboard shortcut scheme?

Using digikam 5.6.0 I am able to export shortcut schemes. (Menu: Settings→Configure Shotcuts…→ Manage Schemes» → more Actions → Export Scheme) This results in an extension-less file (contents in ...
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How to activate module sliders in Darktable with keyboard?

On a laptop I prefer to adjust module sliders with the keyboard instead of using the touch-pad and clicking. Better control. But giving focus to a slider is quite a pain, can only be done with the ...
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Can I change Lightroom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10?

I have changed my keyboard to a 60%, wireless mechanical and the '\' key has been moved and now requires a combination of keys to be held (ctrl + alt + #). This obviously impacts my ability to switch ...
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Darktable Switch between RAW and JPEG

I always shoot RAW + JPEG so i see both in darktable conected witch a yellow frame. Is there a shortcut to easy switch between both while editing or even compare them side by side? best regards ...
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Lightroom: How to add superordinated keywords quickly?

I'm using LR 5.7 with a keyword hierarchy and have to tag thousands of photos quickly. Using the Shift and Cmd/Ctrl keys helps me assigning a keyword to a bunch of files at once. Sadly if I tick a ...
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What is Lightroom's keyboard shortcut for changing color temperature?

In the Develop module of Adobe Lightroom you can change the white balance tint slider with the + and - keys. This is not ...
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1 answer

Digikam: what shortcut for "confirm face tag" button?

I'm confirming face tags on my pictures. There are two cases: I'm placing new tag. In that case I just type tag name and press Enter key. Everything is working as ...
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Photoshop: Where are the “Pressure for Opacity” and “Pressure for Size” in the custom shortcuts feature?

I am setting up Photoshop commands/tools/functions on a Wacom and would really like to have the "Pressure for Opacity" and "Pressure for Size" options as shortcuts—which would be very useful. There ...
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Lightroom 5: apply to active photo in selection only

I was flying through my work-flow and my fingers got tangled up... I hit a key combo somehow and the behavior of applying things to the currently active image in a group selected images changed. ...
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In ACR 8.6, is there a shortcut-key to toggle the "Convert to grayscale" checkbox?

In the "HSL / Grayscale" dialogue-box of Adobe Camera Raw (8.6) (part of Photoshop CS6), is there a shortcut-key to toggle the "Convert to grayscale" checkbox?
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Customising Additional Keys for Lightroom

I recently purchased a Corsair gaming keyboard, specifically the K50. It obviously has all the usual keys one would expect, and an additional eighteen on the left hand side. They're designed to allow ...
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Quickly check original photo in Lightroom Library module

is there a way to quickly check what the original photograph looked like while I'm in the library module of Lightroom? In particular I would like to be able to check what a photo looked like before ...
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Photoshop expand folder keyboard shortcut [closed]

What is the Photoshop keyboard shortcut to expand a folder? For example, I'd like to use my keyboard to expand the selected "yellow" folder: Any ideas how to do this?
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Is there a keyboard shortcut for the "All Photographs" collection in Lightroom?

I often find myself inside a collection in Lightroom and I want to jump to the "All Photographs" view leaving my selection intact. I can do this via the mouse by going to the Catalog panel and ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut for 4x6 crop in Lightroom 4, or way to set a default aspect ratio?

I spend a lot of time cropping photos into the 4x6 aspect ratio in order for friends and family to get prints. When I switch to the crop tool, Lightroom always starts with an unlocked, "Original" ...
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Pan image in lightroom with keyboard

When I'm going through a whole bunch of shots to determine which to delete and which to flag, it's fastest for me to just keep both hands on the keyboard. However, if I want to zoom in to 100% on a ...
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Localized keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom

I'm just beginning to familiarize myself with Adobe Lightroom 3.3. I've noticed that the keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom change substantially when you change the user interface language. I am German ...
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How to create two layers in "Gimp" and merge them back into one?

How do you create two layers in "Gimp" and merge them? For example, I would like to load an image, create two identical layers, edit each layer in different ways, then merge them into one final ...
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What keyboard shortcut could I use to step through presets in Lightroom?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to step through presets in Lightroom? I have development presets grouped in folders, for example one of them is B&W. I often find myself stepping through a number of ...
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