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How do I tell if a lens is compatible with a given camera body?

I'm about to buy a Pentax K-x camera with a Pentax 18-55 lens for 50€. I also found a few lenses, quite cheap, but I don't know if they are compatible. What should I look for to see if they are ...
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How do I get an old microscope adaptor to work when the K-3 is asking for F-stop data?

I have fitted an old manual microscope objective mount to my Pentax K-3. It asks for the F-stop to proceed, which the lens cannot provide. I have tried all settings in the camera including manual ...
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Can I use APS-C Pentax K mount lenses on Canon EOS 90D?

I currently own seven Pentax K mount lenses which I'm very attached to and spend lot of money on. They been used with Pentax K20D, and now I'm looking to upgrade cameras. I like the idea of the new ...
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How to Mount Pentax K-Mount on Canon?

I have an old Pentax 50mm 1:2 lens (from a Pentax Asahi K-1000) and a Vivitar 28mm f2.8 that I am trying to adapt to fit on my Canon Rebel t2i. I purchased two of these adapters but I cannot figure ...
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Can I adapt a Sigma SLR lens made for Pentax K mount to a Nikon DSLR camera?

I now have a Nikon D3200 and the lens is not great. Can I adapt my Sigma Aspherical IF 28-300mm zoom lens, which I'm currently using on a Pentax MZ-30?
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Can Pentax K mount lenses be used on a 645 Reflex via an adapter?

Is it possible to use Pentax K mount lenses on a Pentax 645 via an adapter? If so, what is the name and type of adaptor required?
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k mount lens to a 58mm thread camera [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I use Pentax lenses on a Lumix FZ18? I found this 3 old lenses from a ricoh kr10 camera which I really liked a lot. The problem is that that camera doesnt work anymore ...
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Can I use aperture ring of Pentax FA lens in aperture priority mode?

I'm considering getting an FA Limited lens for my Pentax DSLR. The FA series has an aperture ring with an "A" setting for control by camera bodies that support it. Can I instead use the aperture ring ...
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What extension tube options are there for the Pentax system?

From the reading I have done on extension tubes, I understand that some are just 'dumb' tubes while others have electronics that may allow for metering and autofocus to still work. Further, from this ...
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Are the contacts on different extension tubes in Soligor Pentax AF set supposed to be different?

My extension tube set (Soligor for Pentax AF + P/KA) was not working correctly on my DSLR, so I checked the tubes, and found an interesting difference. It has three tubes (12mm, 20mm, 36mm). This is ...
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Can I use old Pentax lenses on newer Pentax DSLRs?

Can I use old Pentax lenses from the film days on the newer Pentax DSLRs? Are there any caveats or exceptions? Are adapters or modifications needed?
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