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How to take photos quickly through iPhone using Ricoh Theta SC?

I recently got a Ricoh Theta SC. If I use it standalone I can press the shutter button, it will make a noise to indicate it is taking a picture. Within about 1 second I can take another picture by ...
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Stuck on importing images to collection from Lightroom mobile

I am using Lightroom CC 2015. I have synced my iPhone images using Lightroom mobile. This leads to the images being available: in the collection "iPhone Photos" in the box "From LR Mobile". in the "...
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Image quality expectation of 2K surveillance camera vs 4K iPhone? Resolution vs field of view

I'd like to be able to identify licenses plates as they enter our cul-de-sac. My question is triggered by a comparison between an Arlo Pro 4 and an iPhone 12. The iPhone produces extremely high ...
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Can I visualize the photo location of the photos in a Shared Albums in Apple Photos?

Can I visualize the photo location of the photos in a Shared Albums in Apple Photos or do I have to import them first?
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How can I take better pictures of an Apple Watch screen using an iPhone?

I lost my phone and all of the photos on it. I have an Apple Watch, and it has my favorite photos on it. To pair it to my new phone, I have to erase all of the data. There’s no way to “save” these ...
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Motion tracking/VFX: How to get needed info for iPhone camera?

Basically, I want to do VFX with my iPhone SE 2nd Generation front-facing camera. The software being used is Blender up-to-date. I'm not sure what to set Blender for in the track camera settings field,...
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What's the field of view for LIDAR in iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro Max?

It looks like the angles aren't quite 67.3 x 53.06 degrees as this answer suggests: What is the Angle of View of the iPhone XS rear camera?. At least the point clouds I get look better for 75 degrees ...
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What are the ISO, exposure, and aperture settings for single frames from slow-motion video on the iPhone 6?

I filmed a video of myself swinging a tennis racket in slow motion and then used cv2 to make jpg's of some of the frames, ie. 8 ...
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Apple raw image reduced quality when uploading to Amazon Photos

when backing up my iPhone 14 ProRaw images to Amazon Photos through the iOS app, my 12MP raw DNG photos are only ~1 MB or so. However, on my phone they are closer to 20 MB. After downloading the ...
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HDR, exposure fusion, high dynamic range, iPhone

I’m not a photographer but I sometimes take pictures with a phone. As I understand, HDR mode in IPhone’s camera (I have iPhone 5) expands the number of values in a photograph by merging several ...
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Ensure ALL iPhone burst shoot images are shared via upload for Selection & Editing? How?

Ensure ALL iPhone burst shoot images are shared via upload for Selection & Editing? How? We did a casual photo shoot, lots of burst shots a few months back. We never got around to working on ...
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Sentimental photo taken by an iPhone out of focus

First let me say I am not a photographer, however I have a photo that was taken of my mom, myself and niece that is very dear to me. The photo was not properly focused I don't think. Could a ...
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