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Is a .photography domain currently a good choice for a portfolio website? [closed]

I've had a domain name in my mind that I've wanted for my photography for a while now, but it's been taken for all popular TLDs (.com, .net, et c.) for a long time. I don't want it so bad that I would ...
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How can I tag my images online?

I have hundreds of gigabytes of family photos on my hard disk at home. What software will allow me to not only browse those online wherever I am, but most critically allow easy tagging via a web ...
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Will transfering a TIFF to a photolab via ROES software cause it to lose quality?

I edited a RAW image file to my satisfaction, and want to send it to a print shop to print on a large canvas w/frame. They use ROES software to transfer the image to them. I have had bad results doing ...
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How can I do a bulk search to see if any of my photographs are used online without my permission? [closed]

Can someone recommend a service or software that will help to search published photos online? I tried to do this with Google Image search but it requires a lot of time to upload images one by one. I'd ...
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How did people showcase their photographs before the Internet?

I am curious as to how, in earlier days (before the advent of Internet), photos were showcased to large audience when someone was in the learning path of photography? Nowadays you take a picture ...
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How do you feel about someone using one of your pictures from the internet? [closed]

How do you feel if someone used one of your pictures that you posted on the internet? As I novice photographer I feel good that my picture is good enough but is that right? I do not like making my ...
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Which websites give step by step explanation to how a picture is taken?

I randomly came across this article - I would like to find out if there are any websites there are dedicated to ...
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Where can I easily browse high-quality, free and recent photos? [closed]

I suppose this isn't about photography so much as the online distribution of photos. The gist: I'm looking for an online source for a robust catalog of free and high-quality color photos taken ...
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Is it legal to use images found on the internet?

I realise that I am unable to just use an image willy nilly from the internet, but if an image is uploaded to a site like deviant art, am I able to use it on my site (not claiming it as my own, but as ...
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