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How do I determine the best new equivalent model for my insurers to replace an older camera?

my ~10 yrs old Canon EOS 500D was accidentally damaged and the insurance will get us a replacement. I wonder what's the current successor model? They are pushing for the cheapest EOS 3000D but if I'm ...
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First paid gig as an amateur; do I need insurance?

I've had previous gigs for organisations on a very informal basis, and now one of them wants to book me for a higher profile event and has indicated they want to pay. The money really isn't the issue ...
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Best Methods to Insure Vintage Gear

I enjoy collecting and using vintage photo gear. A lot of the pieces that I own are hardly anything to write home about (from a financial perspective), such as my Canon SII or Yashica 44. But, ...
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Camera Insurance for a 3 Month Winter Expedition?

So, in February, 2015, we [28M/25M] are planning a 2,000km trek through Northern Canada in winter (down to -40C~) for 3 months. The primary purpose of a camera for us is to film a documentary about ...
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What are the most valuable photographs on the planet?

I have recently read about a print of Ansel Adams reaching $600,000 at auction in 1948 (equivalent of around $6 million US dollars today). This got me thinking that there must be other high value ...
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Planning to photograph Paris Opera Garnier, Eiffel and Montmerte

I live in Turkey and I'm planning to visit Paris next week. I'm amazed how gorgeous Opera Garnier is. Is it allowed to photograph inside that building? And is tripod allowed? Also I've read that ...
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How to ask a photographer for proof of insurance in the US?

I am wondering from both sides of the table, how or what to ask a professional photographer in regards to insurance, and what document is typically produced by a photographer? Specifically I want to ...
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What insurance options are available for rental lenses?

I am thinking about renting a couple for expensive lenses ($900+) from Adorama. I'll be visiting NYC from Chicago. They state on their rental page. We do not provide Insurance. We strongly ...
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Recommendations for insuring camera equipment?

We all have made investments in our camera equipment. From hundreds of dollars to $TEXAS, our gear isn't cheap. How do we protect against theft, fires, water damage? Accidental Damage? What ...
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