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Can I do film simulations in-camera without a Fuji camera?

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos where people praise Fuji's film simulation modes (though mostly to get a filmic, cinematic look for video) and I've been getting intrigued by Fuji enthusiast ...
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Can I make in-camera photos dark but less grainy?

I often find that, when I try to get a photo that looks as dark as I want it, I have to lower exposure, e.g. by using Exposure Bias function of the camera. But then, when I actually see the resulting ...
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Milky Way with a cell phone, how is this possible?

The 9to5Google article Exclusive: Official Pixel 4 camera samples show astrophotography, selfies, more [Gallery] shows some surprisingly nice (at least to me) photos of the Milky Way. Every phone ...
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Why are some cameras unable to store photos in RAW format?

I am trying to understand the reason that some camera can't shoot in RAW. Initially, I thought was a matter of buses. It's easier to handle all the computation by the processor and transfer a lighter ...
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Are Fujifilm simulations different depending on the source (eg in-camera raw, Lightroom or direct jpeg)?

Fujifilm cameras allow the photographer to pick film simulations, including Classic Chrome, Astia and Velvia. In the camera you pick a film simulation you want to shoot in, and the jpeg created will ...
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At which point do cameras scale photos down when using quarter sensor resolution?

My Nikon D5600 sensor can deliver 24MP but I configured it to just use 6MP. At which step in the process does the camera "scales" the images down? Maybe already at sensor level? By calculating an '...
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In camera adjustments vs editing in Lightroom

Currently I have my camera settings set to shoot as raw as possible. There are saturation/contrast adjustment settings, auto high ISO noise reduction, auto CA correction, lens peripheral illumination ...
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How do I create a bracketed file for Aurora HDR software?

I have a Samsung J7 phone and the Aurora HDR software and tried to create an HDR image file with the phone. The phone has an HDR mode in the camera app. The software requires a bracketed file to do ...
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Is a RAW-only camera economically justified? [closed]

Is a digital camera which could only take RAW images economically justified? considering that RAW files may need less in-camera processing.
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Does the iPhone do automatic tone/color correction?

When I recently imported photos from iPhone into LR, I noticed that every photo had evenly balanced histogram, so I guess that after you take a picture with iPhone, it is immediately processed and ...
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How can I make a zoomed in copy of a photo and save it on my Nikon SLR?

Nikon d3200 - i am a beginner using this. I took a picture and then when reviewing the playback I hit the zoom in button. I would like to save a copy of this zoomed in photo on my camera. How do I ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How to make camera LCD show true RAW data in JPG preview and histogram?

With Canon 650D (and presumably all the other Canon), I noticed that the picture style and full JPG processing is used to generate a review JPEG which is what the camera actually reads when reviewing ...
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4 answers

Is in-camera HDR and panorama better than post?

With adequate processing power it seems like in-camera HDR and panorama images would always be better than what could be composited in post, because: The camera can use inertial sensors to align the ...
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My images are not sharper Nikon D800

I have Nikon D800 and I feel that my images are not sharper. My friend has D4 and I like the way his images look. But he always says he reduced the sharpness in the camera. What value can I set to ...
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Is there a camera which can superimpose a subject onto a predefined background?

Let's say I have an image of the Taj Mahal. I want set the above image as my background image when taking the picture. Something similar to Photo Booth effects available in OS X, where you'll be ...
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Factors for preventing noise in-camera

In low lighting conditions I have to bring up my ISO (even when using flash) and open the aperture to a certain point to get the ambient light alongside subjects I'm photographing (which are mostly ...
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How do I evaluate a camera's JPEG tone curve options when the manufacturer only provides flowery prose?

There aren't many options for RAW development for the Fujifilm's X-Pro 1 because of its unique sensor layout. However, Fujifilm has clearly spent a lot of time working on the in-camera JPEG results, ...
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Are scene modes, white balance, color tones, and similar just post-processing effects?

What happens when the following settings are changed: White balance Color tones Scene modes Are these parameters affect the way in which the photo is taken or they are just applied by processing by ...
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Should I use RAW or JPEG for wedding photography?

I am about to shoot in a wedding ceremony and would like to know, Should I shoot in RAW or JPEG? I asked a photographer (outside the US) and he said converting RAW into JPG changes color (or ...
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How can I reproduce the camera-internal postprocessing?

I just started playing around with raw images. When opening the raw image in Raw Therapee, it looks completely different than the JPEG produced by the camera: (left is raw, right is JPEG) I figured ...
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Can in-camera JPEG have image quality advantages over (third party software) converted RAW?

Question about RAW advantages over JPG made me curious if somebody has examples where in-camera JPEG is actually image quality-wise better than RAW image converted in computer (possibly by third party ...
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