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Why can't I import pictures from my moto g6 (Android 9) into Shotwell on Debian Bullseye?

I used to import my phone pictures into Shotwell on a Debian computer by doing something like Plug the phone into a USB connector on my laptop. Set the phone's USB Preferences so that "USE USB ...
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Stuck on importing images to collection from Lightroom mobile

I am using Lightroom CC 2015. I have synced my iPhone images using Lightroom mobile. This leads to the images being available: in the collection "iPhone Photos" in the box "From LR Mobile". in the "...
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Aftershot Pro 3 not importing CR2 images despite workarounds

Using Windows 10 and importing my CR2 images to a folder on HDD from a memory card. Selecting folder for import has no issues. "Scan folder" and "Import" dialogues open, run up to ...
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Suddenly an image file is corrupt. Any chance of repair/recovery?

So I've tried comparing a few images I've taken recently and this happened. I was in the Library Module comparing two images (X|Y Icon) and this happened on one of my shots. I've checked and my GPU ...
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