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Image Stabilization (or Vibration Reduction) is a technology used to reduce the effects of camera shake. This is done is several different ways, and different companies use different names. Using this tag This tag applies to all types of image stabilization, regardless of the name or whether it happens in the lens, body, or digitally.

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How to correct HDR post-processing artifacts in a series of exposures

I have taken several series of frames that I intend to process into timelapse sequence. Some were taken using a smartphone camera in HDR mode. Due to the post-processing that happens in the device, ...
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Does Nocticron image stabilization works with non-Panasonic bodies?

I just got the Lumix Nocticron 42.5mm which has "optical image stabilization". Is this a purely lens-only stabilization that works independently of the body, or do I need a Panasonic body to take (...
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Will my old Oly OM10 Mk1 support all the OIS features of my new Panasonic 14-140 Lens?

The Pano has "OIS" (optical image stabilization). It is a pretty new Lens while the Oly is about 8 or 10 years old. While the pictures look fine I can't tell for sure whether the in-camera ...
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