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Questions tagged [image-compression]

Image compression comprise methods with the goal to reduce the size of an image by either removing redundant or less important information (or a combination of the two).

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JPG files - different brightness in viewers

I have a single JPG file. If I open it with IrfanView, it is darker than the same file opened in PhotoShop (or in Firefox). What can cause this? The correct version is the one from Photoshop (or ...
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Is there an easy way to export photos from Lightroom in original format if they're unedited?

When I export a folder or collection from Lightroom, I want unedited photos exported in their original format (like DNG, ARW, PNG) and edited photos exported in a chosen format, like JPEG. Is there ...
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custom raw compression

I'm planning to acquire between 50k and 200k image per day with a 50MPixels (or 68MPixels or 130MPixels) sensor; I'll be acquiring the raw data (10 or 12 or 14 bits) from the sensor through SLVS-EC ...
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