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Image compression comprise methods with the goal to reduce the size of an image by either removing redundant or less important information (or a combination of the two).

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What are jpeg artifacts and what can be done about them?

I know JPEG is a "lossy" compression algorithm that discards information in order to save space. What is the visual impact of this? I've heard of "JPEG artifacts". What do these look like? Are there ...
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What factors cause or prevent "generational loss" when JPEGs are recompressed multiple times?

For years, I've believed that recompressing JPEG files multiple times would gradually degrade its quality until they are an unrecognizable mess, the way making photocopies of photocopies does. This ...
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Does JPEG-to-JPEG export Lightroom reapply compression?

I want to crop a JPEG file in Lightroom and export that cropped file to another JPEG so that I can e-mail it. The exported JPEG should have the same quality as the original. I don't have the RAW file ...
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Are "Windows Photo Viewer" rotations lossless?

Can I rotate lossily compressed photos that I view in Windows Photo Viewer without worrying about losing even more information to compression?
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What quality to choose when converting to JPG?

When you export a picture to JPG you can normally choose its quality in a 1-100 scale. I like to keep a good quality but it wouldn't make sense to keep a JPG that will be almost as big as the original ...
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Why don't most cameras support PNG format?

I prefer PNG format to JPG, because JPG uses lossy compression. When I capture a screen in my PC or scan a picture or document in my scanner, I always save them as PNG format. If a camera could ...
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Why does JPEG quality go up to twelve?

Wwhy does the JPEG quality option in Adobe products go up to twelve? Here's the option in the Save dialog of PS: Thats a whole new definition of it goes up to eleven.
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How to reduce the file size of my photos (to under 15 MB)?

I don't have a "Pro" account on Flickr, just the free one, so my photo uploads are capped to 15 megabytes/file. After post-processing, my photos end up being too large to be uploaded to Flickr. I do ...
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Does simply opening and closing a JPEG file decrease image quality?

I've had quite a few photography classes, read many photography books, and screened many forums. And I can't find a consistent answer to this question. One "camp" says there is a loss of image quality ...
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Is there a middle ground format between RAW and JPG?

JPG files use 8 bits per color per pixel (I've never heard of any camera that uses the alleged 12-bit-per-color-per-pixel extension) and is a compact way of storing images. RAW files are huge but ...
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How can I resize more than 2GB of travel photography with no quality compromise?

I have more then two gigabytes of travel photography. Each image takes up than 4 to 5 megabytes. I have to send them to some one. How can I resize all images while retaining high image quality?
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What is difference between 8bit RGB and 16bit RGB?

Most of time when I open any images to Photoshop, it shows 8bit RGB format, but I have also seen 16bit RGB. As a trial, I copied one image and pasted it into a 16bit RGB blank image, but I didn't get ...
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Does converting RAW files to TIFF lose image quality?

Before I found out about Camera Raw, I used to convert my photos from RAW to TIFF, using the XNVIEW convertor, downloaded from the Internet. My question is whether I lost image quality or anything ...
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What image quality is lost when re-saving a JPEG image in MS Paint?

Has anyone ever noticed that if you open a image in mspaint (.jpg, .jpeg) and then just save it, the image size is reduced by many folds. I use this method to reduce the file size. However, I am not ...
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How does optimizer software reduce file size without reducing resolution?

There are numerous applications for reducing filesize. Most of them reduce resolution (e.g. from 300dpi to 72dpi) or reduce height and width. I tried Surprisingly, when ...
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Do I lose information every time I add an adjustment layer to an 8bit image in Photoshop?

A friend told me that one of the disadvantages of working with 8bits images within Photoshop is that every time I add an adjustment layer I lose some data. Is that true? Is there a quantifiable ...
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How can I tell exactly what changed between two images?

For example, for a recent conversation about JPEG compression I wanted to compare pixel for pixel what changed between two JPEGs (one with compression level 100, and one with compression level 95). ...
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Why don't cameras support JPEG 2000 format?

The original JPEG format was updated in 2000 to provide a variety of features including less artifacts, better compression and lossless compression. Why haven't cameras updated to use this new format?...
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Which TIFF image compression is better, LZW or ZIP?

Which image compression is better, LZW or ZIP? I am using Lightroom to export images.
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Google Photos high quality backup -- how does Google achieve great compression and am I losing some data?

I'm sure that many of us have used Google photos high quality backup which allows us to store photos online without fees. Recently, I thought of testing just how high quality the uploads really were ...
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Does Flickr recompress JPEGs after upload?

Does Flickr recompress JPEGs after upload? I know that if you upload a TIFF, for example, Flickr converts it to JPEG. But do they also compress incoming JPEGs? I've read some complaints about the ...
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Is there a lossy compressed file format for 16-bit dynamic range images?

I'd like to aggressively compress some scientific 16-bit grayscale image files, but without reducing the dynamic range. Is such a thing possible? I understand that JPEG format uses lossy, and ...
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How to avoid jpeg compression artefacts when saving photos in web resolution?

When I save a web-resolution image (for example, 1920×1024px), flat areas tints often have damaged shades of color. I'm saving in Photoshop CS4 with quality 2 in standard mode, because I need the ...
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Why are two pictures that are the same dimensions/dpi such different file sizes?

I am working on a project where two my images must be AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE. I have scaled two images to the same dimensions/dpi and I've checked the color profile in Photoshop CS6 and they both look ...
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Image properties for social media?

My experience of social media is extremely limited, but I have occasionally been asked by a group to send them an image for use on their media. Sometimes as non-technical people only used to mobile ...
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Why does simply saving a JPEG at 100% quality in Photoshop increase filesize?

If I take a picture taken with my EOS 60D, put it into Photoshop, edit it as I wish and save it as JPEG with maximum quality, the file goes from 5 to 12 mb in size. Obviously if I didn't increase the ...
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Lossy archival compression for 16-bit TIF images

I sometimes use the Nik collection to process my photos, and because this runs on TIFF images, I end up with demosaiced files eating up more disk space than they're worth. I want to batch convert ...
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