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Differences between DCP and ICC profiles?

I am trying to understand what is the best colour profile that I can generate from a ColorChecker for calibrating my camera. I always used ICC colour profile standard but now I saw also DCP colour ...
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How to embed ICC profile in DNG so darktable will use it?

I am experimenting with linear raw DNG and ICC profiles with Darktable. The DNG files are the result of scans using VueScan. I can add the scanner's ICC profile to the DNG. But when I open it in ...
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Why is the contrast calculated in i1Profiler so low?

I just received a Dell S3221QS 32" Monitor with a VA panel. I used i1 Display Pro and i1Profiler 3.x to calibrate the monitor. At the end the calculated contrast ratio is just 256:1, which is ...
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The proper use of RezChecker color

I am not sure how much my question is relavent to this forum but I guess it must be the right place. Basically my question to you is, if you have any prior knowledge about color checkers and color ...
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Can I get the Temperature from the colors matrices or the chromatic adaptation provided in the ICC Profile (meta-data) of a picture?

I would like to get the temperature of a picture already taken to determine the kind of white-balance has been used. I can only access the ICC profile. I wanted to know if it's possible to use Red/...
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Would spectral responses of camera pixels be more "raw", more compact and superior to ICC/DCP camera color profiles? If not, why not?

Background: I'm trying to understand the function of camera color profiles (for raw output) in terms of the hardware. I have found lots of web sites that explain the function of camera profiles from a ...
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