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Colour Workflow A - Z

I've been researching this for months. I think I'm closer, but still not quite there. So, the basic question - have I got this right? I shoot with a Nikon D5500, shooting 14-bit RAW NEF, Picture ...
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Why are image colors inconsistent in different applications after monitor calibration?

I have calibrated my monitor using a colorimenter, however I found out that the colors appear different in different applications. I have created two test images and opened them in several ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Is there a reason not to remove colour profiles from images on the web?

I have started using Jeffrey Friedl's lightroom plugin for publishing to Flickr in conjunction with the metadata wrangler which offers an option to remove the ICC color profile. However there is a ...
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What Conversion Engine works best in Photoshop? ACE or ICM

Adobe ACE v Microsoft ICM: Bakeoff Adobe's Windows Photoshop offers two conversion engines for converting colors. These are used when converting between different RGB colorspaces as well as doing ...
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