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Hoya is a Japanese optics company, most known for filters.

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What coating do old non-HMC Hoya filters have?

Recently I was looking for some used 85A filters to shoot tungsten film outside. My primary consideration are ones made by Hoya because they are good quality, abundant and relatively inexpensive. But ...
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What are the Hoya circular polarizer types?

I have a Canon 18-55mm lens. I want to buy a new polarizer for it. The diameter of my lens is 58mm. I want to go for Hoya. But there are 5 or 6 different circular polarizers of Hoya for 58mm diameter. ...
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How much flare should I expect with a Hoya HMC Filter?

After I did some review comparison (especially this one) I bought a 67mm Hoya HMC filter. Then I took some comparison pictures. Do you think the flare is within the acceptable range?
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Is this a good polariser and is it for an appropriate price?

I'm thinking about purchasing Hoya HD 58mm Circular Polariser and I was wondering whether it's a good choice and also whether it's for an appropriate price. What do you guys think?
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Hoya HD vs B+W XS-Pro filters?

I've read reviews of the Hoya HD line of lens filters that say they're the best filters on earth. I've read reviews of the B+W XS-Pro line that say the exact same thing. How do these filter lines ...
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Should I choose Hoya HD CP or Nikon CP II polarization filters?

I am looking for a polarization filter for a couple of my lenses. I have heard great things about Nikon CP filters and I am using Nikon NC filters myself on some of my most precious lenses. However, ...
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