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Questions tagged [hotshoe-flash]

A hot shoe flash is a removable flash that can be mounted on a camera's hot shoe.

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Do I need a flash for trekking/travelling with my D500?

I currently have a dilemma. I use a Nikon D500, which has no built in flash, and was wondering whether it is worth buying a lightweight one to bring with me trekking this coming summer. The reason I ...
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How can I troubleshoot an external flash that won’t slide all the way into to a Nikon camera?

Why won’t an external flash slide all the way into a Nikon camera? This external flash won’t work; it seems like something is blocking it from clicking in.
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Godox X Pro Flash Trigger Using Center Pin only does not fire Godox TT600 flash

Godox Xpro (C) mounted on Canon 5D Mark III hotshoe with single pin adapter between hotshoe and trigger will not fire Godox TT600 speedlites. Without the adapter between hotshoe and trigger I can ...
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Yongnuo YN560IV not firing intermittently with modifier

I have a Yongnuo YN560IV with RF603CII trigger. I have the weirdest problem. Flash fires fine without anything attached to the head, or with my Gary Fong lightsphere or another cheapie mini softbox ...
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Is there an alternative insert to the built in wide panel for the Canon 430 EX ii speedlite?

I recently purchased the 430 ex II speedlite second hand. I have come to notice that the wide panel is missing and as such I cannot alter the zoom on the speedlite unless there is something ...
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Why does focus- assist light on speedlite fire when main flash fires?

Using a new Gloxy 990 on a Canon 80D hot shoe, the bright red light of the Gloxy Focus Assist is appearing on the image at a wide range of setting. The light works at half press - but must be firing ...
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Hotshoe flash options for a canon 4000d

I have the canon 4000d, wonder what flash would be available for it. In the hotshoe? It has a built in flash but it does not automatically pop up.
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Why doesn't "Ai" mode set the proper flash speed?

After having bought an used Flash (Metz AF 51-1), I "played with it", checking flash functions with my Panasonic DMC GH-3. Everything seemed to work fine, except in "Ai" (fully ...
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Cheapest speedlight for Nikon with autofocus assist beam?

I shoot low light with Nikon D3300 and Yongnuo YN-460 speed light. Most of my pictures are out of focus. I'm on a budget. What is the lowest-priced speed light for Nikon that has an AF assist beam?
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