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sensor pixels which appear brighter than surrounding pixels

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Suddenly have many stuck pixels on my DSLR - is there a reason for it/is it saveable?

I've got a Canon 1100D camera which is maybe getting on a bit at about 12 years old, but it's performed great up to now. I took it out recently though to do some long exposure night shots, and noticed ...
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Are these colored pixels in raw image (viewed in dcraw software) dead, hot or stuck?

Definitely not a photo pro here - I've tried taking RAW photos via CHDK on Canon S3 IS as .DNG. I work on Ubuntu 18.04, and when I open these .DNG in photivo, <...
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How to remove hot pixels with a dark frame?

I took some photos at night and I didn't have long exposure noise reduction on. My photo has quite a few hot pixels, here's a 100% crop of a part of the sky: Since long exposure noise reduction is ...
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Hot, stuck, or dead pixels. What's the difference?

What is the difference between hot, stuck, and dead pixels with regards to a camera's image sensor? What can cause each to occur? What can be done to reduce their influence on a photo?
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Too many defective pixels?

I just bought a cheap action-camera and start experimenting with RAW format. The output file has some defective pixels. I know that they can be "removed", but it seems to me that they are too many. I ...
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How do I prevent and/or remove hot pixels in my shots?

I am getting some noise in my shots on the black. I wondered if this can be something i can prevent or do I need to clean the image sensor? I am using a Canon T3i/600d/Kiss X5. The shot was done at ...
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What are these purple pixels on my Canon 60D and how do I get rid of them?

I bought this used Canon 60D for a reasonable price, however, I get these purple pixels in the top right of my image. Even though I can work around it, it is very annoying. I've tried a lot of ways to ...
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How to prevent hot pixels? [duplicate]

I've just returned from a trip. One of the locations was very dark site. I took a photo with 4 minutes exposure for the foreground. The photo came out unusable. There are so many red, green, and ...
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What's the best way to deal with hot/stuck pixels in long exposure night photographs?

I discovered red/blue/white pixels on my night photographs tonight. Trying to confirm this, I took a black image with the lens on and indeed I saw a whole lot of them (I didn't count them but at least ...
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Little cross on photos with slow shutter speed. Is this a hot pixel?

I found this strange little cross on pictures when I was doing some long exposure photography. I have had some experience with hot pixel in the past, but this thing seems completely new to me. (1:1) ...
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Are these strange splotches on buildings in a long-exposure photo hot pixels?

This is the first time I've seen this in my pictures and can't quite figure out what it is / how it fix it / or how to avoid it in the future. Was wondering if anyone here had any ideas? The thing in ...
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What is this dead pixel problem really called?

On all photos from my last vacation I see this red point. It appears on in-camera JPGs as well as on RAW files. A see a red pixel in the same position on all pictures. How is this problem called? Is ...
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Why some pixels become hot pixels?

What is the physical explanation to hot pixels? What happens to the sensor when a good pixel become an hot pixel?
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How to get rid of dust or hot pixels

Sometimes shooting a long exposure results in hot pixels and some times dust on lens becomes apparent if shooting with very small aperture. Despite having all good qualities the photo looks ugly due ...
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How common are hot pixels on new cameras?

How common are hot pixels on new cameras?! I read that people may check up to 5 cameras at stores to actually find a perfect one, is this true? so how commons is this? what is the chance of getting a ...
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Olympus OM-D developing hot/dead pixels within two weeks of purchase

I recently bought an Olympus OM-D on holiday and took around 2000 photographs in the 2 week period on holiday. On day 12 it developed some white/pink pixels on the sensor. I've emailed Olympus ...
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Does long exposure cause hot pixels in photos?

Today, I was taking some shots of night sky. For each, I had 20 sec exposure. During picture review, I found a red dot which is referred as "Hot Pixel" according to some people on the Internet. ...
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Why do I have a red dot in every photo? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is my camera showing a lot of stuck red and white pixels? Every picture that I took today have a red dot on the same place in every photo. It looks like a monitor "pixel ...
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Why is my camera showing a lot of stuck red and white pixels?

After shooting for one hour with my Rebelt2i + Tamron 17-55 f2.8, I went back home and checked pictures on my computer. For every single picture, there are a lot of 'dead' pixels at the same location....
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Why don't we get hot pixels when using live view?

Why don't we get hot pixels while using live view mode, but do get then on a long exposure? I read somewhere that they appear due to the sensor being activated for too much time, but then, live view ...
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Should I be concerned about sensor heat and the development of hot pixels?

Since I shoot a lot of pictures in Live View mode and from time to time I do some short movies, I've developed a paranoid sensation that I'm going to burn the sensor. I'm aware that live view mode ...
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Are hot pixels just one pixel?

I have been taking a few astro photos on a very high ISO, and have found what I think to be a few hot pixel. I though at first that I had managed to get a few very sharp pic of some red and blue stars....
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Are there bad effects of frequent pixel-mapping?

I read on two different sites that pixel mapping should be done once or twice a year. But sometimes I end up doing it once a month. Will it have adverse effect on the CMOS image sensor?
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How do I remove dead pixels from a digital photo?

I have a Nikon D90 and until recently it has been working just perfectly. While viewing a set of photos I had taken I'm starting to find these little nasty dead pixels: alt text http://img225....
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