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Why does DSLR technology seem so primitive?

I am curious to know why today's DSLRs (including the top of the line ones) have: A primitive interface Do not do wifi out of the box Do not have touch interface Do not have full fledged OS like ...
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any Hitech Reverse ND Grad users out there?

I just received my new Hitech Reverse ND Grad 0.9 today ... and it doesn't look like reverse at all .. I tried putting on a white paper .. it just look like a normal ND Hard Grad filter .. I tried ...
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How to use Hitech Stop 10 ND filter?

Today I have tested my Hitech Pro Stop 10 ND filter for Lee holder. And I am somehow shocked. It was morning 10. Please, can someone help me, how to use it. :) By the way, I have lost the tech ...
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