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Halos are rings of light around objects in photographs. While they can be intentional, in many cases they are undesirable artifacts from excessive post-processing with tone mapping or unsharp mask.

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2 answers

Compensate aberration to improve the quality of a surveillance camera

I am analyzing the videos recorded by a surveillance camera and noticed that, in most scenes, there is a sort of "halo" around the right part of people passing by (also around the orange ...
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White halos on zoomed photos or post-production

Based on this question, a question arose regarding the white halo that appears around the main object with the following conjectures: Post-production Light refraction due to zoom Where ...
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what is the cause of halo around dark objects (non-HDR)

This problem occurs often with scenes that have trees with the sky behind. I tend to raise the shadows and reduce the higligts (in RAW) to get a more pleasing image, I believe this is a normal thing ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is tone mapping automatically applied to RAW images?

At first I thought tone mapping was a thing for HDR images only used to "display" the dynamic range which our monitors can't show. Turns out that RAW images tend to have a high dynamic range too. So ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What is the blue halo around objects when using a teleconverter? [duplicate]

This afternoon, I went out to take some pictures using a ZEISS Tele-Tessar T 300mm f/4 Lens, with a Tamron x2 Teleconverter adapted to a Sony alpha 6000. Unfortunately, I have been noticing an ...
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9 votes
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What causes this dark halo around the sun?

I took a series of photographs just before sunset, directly into what was a very weak, watery sun - barely made you squint to look at either with the naked eye or through the viewfinder. To the naked ...
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How can I mitigate edge halo when darkening skies in post-processing?

I process all my photos to black and white. Although I use a polariser where possible, I often find myself wanting to drop the luminance of the sky further which I do using a Black and White ...
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How to get a halo of light effect?

I would like to know how to make this effect, and also if it is posible to get it with an iPhone 5s. Thank you. (it's from someone else)
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1 answer

Eliminating or removing halos in Aurora HDR

I'm looking to eliminate or remove halos in Aurora HDR. I have seen many tutorials on how to do this in Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix but nothing for Aurora HDR Pro or Aurora HDR 2017. When I ...
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What causes the "glow" around objects when turning down highlights and brightening shadows?

I'm sure many of you have seen this. When you turn down the highlights and turn up the shadows, a glow effect appears at the boundary of these two areas. What causes this?
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2 answers

Why do white flowers always have a weird surrounding "glow"?

I have been trying to take pictures of dogwood blooms for a week now. I have the sharpness I want, but the flowers have a weird glow to them. The only post I could find about it is this one. Everyone ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How can I eliminate white glow/halos surrounding bright objects?

I recently took this picture and was frustrated by the white glow coming from the man's shirt. I realize it's a high contrast scene, but I don't understand the science behind why the shirt appears to ...
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Why are there white outlines around the subject in this photo when zoomed in?

Please give me a solution to this if possible. Image showing white outlines when zoomed. Crop: Zoomed:
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What kind of lighting do I need for a halo portrait?

I'm interested in taking some photos with strong, glowing, ethereal backlighting, like a halo, but with decent detail in the actual face. I don't have any really good examples of what I'm talking ...
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Removing light halos in lightroom or photoshop

Are there any good techniques for reducing halos around lights in night shots? For example this photo Maybe it's impossible but I'm just wondering if there is any filter, plugin, technique that can ...
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2 answers

What causes the dark halo around the copper part of the object in this photo?

I'm completely new to photography, and was attempting to shoot on a reflective surface (using a tablet for experimentation). I get some good results (to my untrained eye) but on my latest attempt, I ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How are circular haloes around light sources created?

I found the below image (photographer credit: Xavier Leung, original photo), which depicts an American battleship currently docked in Hong Kong. Is anyone familiar with this striking effect? I can't ...
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How do I avoid white color in the sky near my subject with HDR photos?

I have created a HDR image from a single raw file. The way I have created it was Open the RAW file in Photoshop camera raw. Do some adjustments like enhancing the color, cropping etc. Exporting the ...
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2 answers

Why does my photo look great in Lightroom but show sharpening halos on my web site?

I haven't over sharpened my photo — it looks great in Lightroom and Photoshop CS5, but when I upload it to my webpage, it has horrible ghosts/halos around much of the subjects. I have tried it with ...
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How can I stop my HDR shots looking so fake?

All my attempts at HDR come out looking remarkably fake, how can I reduce the halos effect?
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