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Graduated filter, is an optical filter that has a variable light transmission.

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How can I correct for GND color cast between filtered and unfiltered areas, in post?

From How to Correct GND Filter Effects in Photoshop for Consistent Exposure and Color? in the /r/photography subreddit: I have captured an image using a GND filter, which has resulted in noticeable ...
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How to achieve a "hazed" look with fine gradients in bright sunlight?

I am planning on visiting a desert country in a few weeks, and naturally take a few pictures there. While browsing Instagram and the internet in general, I stumbled across photos which (at least to my ...
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Using Lightroom filters to answer: What ND Grad to buy first?

The question what ND graduated filter to get first is quite hard to answer. See: What ND Grad to buy first? I had the idea to look at the images I already have taken in situations where I would liked ...
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Can I use a screw-on variable ND filter together with a square filter holder?

I have a K&F variable ND screw-on filter. I want to buy the Cokin Z series holder for graduated ND filters. Is it possible to use the Cokin Z holder with GNDs together with the variable ND screw-...
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2 votes
2 answers

is using a screw on ND filter along with GND filers which require a holder possible?

I have a screw on 3 - 7 stop variable ND filter which screws on to the lens. I want to buy some GND soft grads which require a filter holder (This holder needs to screw on to the lens). Am I right ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Do i need a Grad filter along with ND for long exposures that involve the sky?

I was at a beach taking a photo of the sunset and trying to get a long exposure but the sky was too bright. If I put on a ND Filter, that would darken both the sky and foreground meaning I'd have to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do i need more than one filter holder for different brands?

I am currently looking for ND and Grad ND filters for my camera for long exposures. Im a beginner and new to all of this and im slighty confused. Question is Lets say i bought a Cokin P series filter ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Etching a ND filter to reduce OD

What is the most common absorbing material used for professional quality ND filters, and can that material be etched away with acids or bases, while leaving the substrate (BK-7?) intact? Basically, ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Will all square/rectangular filters fit into the slots of a given filter holder?

I am researching square/rectangular ND/ND grad filters and holders. I don't own any yet. I am wondering: 1) Are all filter holders' slots - into which you slide square/rectangular filters - and all ...
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Lightroom's graduated filter lines not showing

Since the update to Lightroom Classic CC, the graduated filter (and the radial filter), with "Show edit pins" set to "Auto" doesn't show the guides on their first use on a picture. I have to get the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

HDR vs photo blending [duplicate]

Is there a difference between a photo taken using GND filters or applying exposure blending in PP and the HDR technique?
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1 vote
4 answers

What ND Grad to buy first?

What would you recommend for the first ND Grad to buy, in terms of F-Stops intensity? 2, 3, 4? I live near the shore, so I'll mostly be taking photos of seascapes in the golden hours. I already have ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to mount a circular ND filter in front of the ND graduated filter?

Recently I'm into landscape photography and trying to build a convenient and practical setup. I have the Cokin Z-Pro filter holder, Lee ND Grad filters and as solid Hoya ND16 filter. However, to set ...
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8 answers

How to fix bright sky behind trees bleeding into leaves?

I shoot mostly landscapes and am often annoyed when bright sky bleeds into the leaf silhouettes. Would a graduated filter help? Any other ideas? I have had this problem with my D90, Gf1 and now ...
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3 votes
7 answers

Is there any reason to place polarizer filter before ND graduated one?

Is there any reason to place polarizer filter before (the first in stack) ND or/and ND graduated one (for example as we can see on Lee 105 mm ring)? Is there any technical reason to do that or it's a ...
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4 answers

How did film photographers deal with issues around dynamic range?

HDR and multiple exposure blending seems very popular these days. I wonder, what did film photographers do to solve dynamic range issues? For example, I know GND filters were common (and still are), ...
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20 votes
2 answers

How do graduated ND filters actually work?

My question stems from the fact that the surface of the filter is completely out of focus. My understanding is that light from any one point of the subject hits the lens all over... some of it ...
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any Hitech Reverse ND Grad users out there?

I just received my new Hitech Reverse ND Grad 0.9 today ... and it doesn't look like reverse at all .. I tried putting on a white paper .. it just look like a normal ND Hard Grad filter .. I tried ...
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What is the purpose of graduated color filters?

I think I understand Graduated Neutral Density Filters, however, what are the purpose and how do you use Graduated Color Filters? (IE Red, Yellow, Blue, etc) And Are they worth it?
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What is the highest quality graduated neutral density filter?

I've been trying to find a Lee .9 Hard stop GND since November. Really, November of '09. Adorama, b&h, amazon were all out. I finally found one on amazon through a third party in the beginning ...
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