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The Gorillapod is a miniature tripod with flexible legs.

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How to fit mobile onto gorillapod 3k kit

I have a nikon d3300 for the gorillapod 3k kit. I want to be able to mount mobile on it as well. What do i need. I cannot seem to find any clear instructions
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Joby ballhead screw size

Does anyone know what kind of screw size (diameter) has the Joby Ballhead 1k on the BOTTOM of it? Same diameter as the top screw, or larger diameter? I can't find any ...
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Is there a flexible tripod for DSLRs that is is more robust than the Gorillapod?

I recently bought a small, cheap flexible/bendable tripod for my action cam an I am fascinated by the possibilities that I have because I am able to securely mount it to nearly any object I could ...
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How can I stiffen a droopy Gorilla Pod?

I have a Gorilla pod (SLR-zoom) which is now a few years old and the legs are now loose enough that it can't support the weight of my camera+lens any more. The legs will often have an 'unexpected ...
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Will Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom work with mirrorless Olympus EM10?

I looked at the Joby Gorillapod Hybrid, which lists mirrorless support but would only hold 1kg. The SLR Zoom would hold 3kg which I prefer. However, it only lists DSLRs as supported. Will it work with ...
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Is the Gorillapod sturdy enough for super-zoom lens and long exposure?

I am interested in buying the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom to be used as a travel tripod. My camera is a D3300 together with a 35mm and a super zoom lens (still haven't decided which one to buy, but something ...
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What is the better material choice for a gorillapod? Metal or plastic?

Lagging the ability to bring my "real" tripod to a short holiday trip I often found myself in the situation where I wanted to use a gorillapod (that is a short tripod with flexible legs), instead of ...
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How to place my camera on uneven surface to take time-lapse photos

How do I place my camera on uneven surface without spending too much money on equipments. Rocks is one example of uneven surface.
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How do I attach the Gorillapod to provide the best stabilization in different stituations?

Is there a site or document where I can find or learn -- or simply a technique/method -- how to best attach Gorillapod on some element? It is relatively easy to have a stable pod on ground, even with ...
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Long exposures: Gorillapod or Beanbag for support?

The northern hemisphere is spending a lot of time in the dark these days, so I'm interested taking long exposures, 8-30 seconds or so, in urban environments. The goal would be to use existing objects (...
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What am I losing by going with a Gorillapod rather than a traditional tripod?

I own a Sony NEX-5R, and use it heavily for low-light photography, with a Gorillapod. I used to use a Gorillapod with a point-and-shoot, so when I upgraded to the NEX, I stuck to the Gorillapod (...
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Would a bigger Gorillapod help?

I own a Sony NEX-5R, which I use heavily for low-light shooting, with a Gorillapod. The Gorillapod is rated for 1kg, and the camera is 466gm. When I press the shutter button, I get camera shake, which ...
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How can I tell what kind of JOBY tripod I own?

When I first bought my Canon EOS 7D at a local electronics dealer, I also bought a JOBY Gorillapod for it. I've hardly used it though, as my camera weighs a ton and the tripod nearly buckles under its ...
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Mini-Mobile And Mobile Tripods - How To Make Them Hold Smartphones For Taking Good Still Shots?

I am mostly taking shots with my HTC Desire S 5MP smartphone. But for a long time wanted to get mobile tripod which is compact and easy to carry. The problem is with their mostly used universal 1/4 ...
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Do I really need a ball head for a SLR zoom Gorillapod?

GorillaPod doesn't come with a ball head, but since its legs are extremely flexible will I actually "need" a ball head? Can't I simply bend the legs to get the view? Am I missing a point?
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Will the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom keep my DSLR camera from falling over/off?

I have a DSLR and a lens and am considering buying a GorillaPod for when I'm out and about and can find surfaces to place it on/attach it to. My main concern is whether I can rely on it to keep my ...
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