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a manufacturer of compact digital cameras, designed for use in action sports. They have a rugged waterproof housing, and mounts for attaching in a variety of ways, eg helmet, chest harness, bike handlebars or surfboard.

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How do I choose between a GoPro or an Osmo Pocket as my travel action camera?

I'm thinking of getting a chest-mounted action camera to free up my mind, eyes, and hands while I'm traveling so I can just experience the joy of being somewhere more deeply without diverting my ...
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How to take video of the inside of a cave, from above, with an action camera?

I am interested in lowering a Go Pro Hero 7 into a cave: to record video and to take measurements with two scientific instruments, and want to ask your advice on what would hold the camera. ...
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GoPro footage from App to Computer?

I have a GoPro Hero 11, and have saved lots of photos and videos to the Cloud, and the Quik App on my phone. How can I get the photos/videos from the Quik App to my computer? The videos are stored in ...
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Is there a GoPro developer API for wireless streaming of telemetry data to the camera?

I have a microprocessor (arduino-like ESP32) project that is collecting a bunch of real-time telemetry in flight, and I need to be able to sync that data with GoPro video after the fact. My half-assed ...
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