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How to create a cardboard .vr.jpg file in Windows Shell (DOS batch script) using ffmpeg and exiftool?

Starting from this incredibly complex script I am trying to write a stripped down version which just creates a .vr.jpg file starting from one single equirectangular full panorama 360x180, but the ...
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Convert regular panoramic photo into google cardboard file

For a school assignment (innovative project) I want to create a sort-of infographic, but then in Google Cardboard. I've got a bunch of panoramic images (not created in Cardboard camera) but it doesn't ...
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How do I take a stereoscopic photo to view with Google Cardboard without buying two DSLRs?

I just got some vr cups and tried out the Cardboard Camera app, but the quality is pretty poor, and it's really intended for panoramas. If you have created stereoscopic (NOT panoramic) images for ...
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