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Why are mid-day images dull?

When I take pictures at mid-day, well before the golden hour, my images are usually dull. They seem hazy, low in contrast (perhaps due to haze?), and lacking in saturation. My suspects: Sensor ...
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Any PC or web applications similar to PhotoPills?

Is there any PC or web applications similar to PhotoPills to calculate golden hour and twilight?
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How do I take a photo like this (very bright)?

I've always wondered how these pictures are taken. They have a very "bright" feel to them. And it feels that they are "bathed" in golden sun light. I understand that I have to take this during the ...
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What is the meaning of "Blue Hour" and its differences from "Golden Hour?"

What does "Blue Hour" exactly mean? What time in the day can I capture this "Blue Hour" and how long is it? Also, what are its differences from the "Golden Hour"?
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How does being in a polar region affect the golden and blue hours of light?

While I already know what the golden and blue hour are, I am having trouble understanding how this changes very close to the poles so that I can time an upcoming trip to Iceland. Online services give ...
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How do mountains affect lighting at sunrise and sunset?

I just got back from a trip in the Rockies. The tall and close mountains mean that the sun sets earlier than flatter places at the same latitude -- perhaps by an hour or so. The same applies to ...
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How to get this colorful look in a landscape photo?

I love the colors in this photostream on Flickr, especially this photo and this one. How can I get colors like this in my photos? Is this done with post processing? Good luck? The lighting looks like ...
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Are there any mobile applications that calculate sunrise/sunset based on location?

Do you know a mobile application that would: calculate sunrise/sunset/twilight time calculate moonrise/moonset/moonphase would do that based on the location from internal GPS module There are good ...
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