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How do I pick a good camera as a surprise present?

I’m totally a novice to Photography and related gadgets. But I want to gift a camera with a “viewfinder” lens to my wife. She already has a Canon dSLR camera. Is it typical to buy just an “electronic ...
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2 answers

What is a safe, reliable site to make a calendar without losing control of photos or privacy issues? [closed]

I would like to make a calendar for my mom using photos of her grandchildren. I was planning to use Shutterfly until it came to my attention that that site retains copies of your photos on an "...
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1 vote
4 answers

my wedding photos were a gift but now she wants to put them all over the internet

I had a friend who is a professional wedding photographer offer to do our wedding pictures as a gift.... When we finally got them 6 months later we were told they were available by her putting them ...
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How to photograph a paper-boat in the river?

I have this idea of taking photo of a handmade boat and show it as it is waving in a river!... Here is a normal photo of the boat itself: My camera is a semi-professional Canon! Ideas about the angle,...
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Equipment Recommendation for around $2000

I want to buy my wife a camera as a gift. I would like to get the body and lenses, case and all for about $ 1.5K to $ 2K. I would like to stick with the Canon line if at all possible. My wife has had ...
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3 answers

What camera should I buy for a Photography College student?

My younger sister is going to college to study photography, and I want to surprise her with a camera this holidays. I'm no camera expert (but I've been doing my research). Should I go with a lower-...
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34 votes
12 answers

What are good gifts between $50 and $100 for photographers?

(inspired by AJ's question) It's that time of year: family and friends are starting to ask what we want for the holidays. I usually try to have several suggestions at various price ranges. AJ's ...
17 votes
15 answers

What is a Cheap (less than USD50) Piece of Kit would make a Good Gift for a Photographer?

Christmas is Coming ... Well, it's a few months away, but family are going to start asking for gift ideas soon, so I'm putting together my list. I'm sure you have some great suggestions for affordable ...