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Handmade paper precoating for inkjet printing

I saw a similar question here that was discussed in 2017 so I wondered if there’s any fresh information. I wonder if someone here is experienced in making homemade covering for different types of ...
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How can I make my own coatings for handmade paper for inkjet printing?

Does anyone here have any experience with coating paper for printing using pigment-based inks? I am looking at making handmade paper, and I would like to prepare it for printing photographs on my ...
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What advantage does giclee have over traditional photosensitive print making?

I'm trying to figure out why I would want to print giclee. Let me set some background. I'm a gallery represented artist entering my third season. My sales are good. I print with Bay Photo (via ...
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How to photograph artwork for giclée prints

I'd like to photograph some paintings so that the photos can be used to make giclée prints. Any tips to getting the truest color? I heard that with regular film, a long exposure gives you the ...
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