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Physical locations for presentation of print photographs and/or other forms of art.

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3 answers

How can I find places to exhibit my photography?

I have a series of projects that I would like to exhibit. I have done some small exhibitions in the past / and presentations and I have a fair few friends who are artists and exhibit their work. I am ...
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Where can I buy poster-size reprints of great photographs? [closed]

Please, correct me if this is off-topic question here. I have recently found a great photograph of Beth Moon. I would like to hang a poster-size reprint of this photo on my wall. I inquired a few ...
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3 answers

What camera-lens combination should be preferred for shooting models and art gallery?

So, this question comes from a peer's sister who is undergoing some course regarding "fashion". They have been asked by their non-photographer teacher to "get a DSLR camera of range up to $803 from ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do I display my work on the cheap?

I'm a gallery represented artist and I'm about to approach a second venue about hanging there. One of the biggest surprises I found in the past 4 years was the cost of inventory, especially framing ...
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How do I approach bricks and mortar galleries to sell my photography?

After setting up an online gallery to sell my artwork I was thinking of approaching photography galleries in London to sell the artwork. Now the problem is I have never approached a "real world" ...'s user avatar
7 votes
3 answers

What is the best way to hang or mount photos for a showing?

I'd like to mount some of my pictures onto a wall for a simple gallery-showing. I have the physical pictures mounted to a card-stock matte. I'd like to know the best way to hang that matted picture ...
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19 votes
10 answers

What size should I print at for gallery shows?

So, let's assume I have taken some great shots, and secured a gallery presentation. I have shots of extremely varying aspect ratios, and many themes. Now I have to order prints. What size should I ...