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Can I make an in-camera multi-row panorama (Brenizer) with my Fuji camera?

I recently tried the Brenizer method but found that it is tedious compared to just using the panoramic mode on my Fuji XT-10 which automatically stitches the photos together. The problem is that I can ...
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Is there a way to change the size of the custom white balance sampling area on Fujifilm X cameras?

Like many cameras, my Fujifilm X-T10 has a feature to set white balance by framing a white object and clicking the shutter. From the manual: White balance measurement options will be displayed; ...
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How to Reset File Number on the Fuji X-T10?

It is usually obvious but with the Fuji X-T10, I have not found how yet. The file counter is already in the high thousands and I'd rather avoid numbers wrapping around (although I expect it to happen ...
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