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a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by Fujifilm introduced in 2012.

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How to correctly use magnification for focus assist on FujiFilm X-E1?

I have a FujiFilm X-E1 mirrorless digital camera that has a magnification feature designed to assist with manual focusing. The documentation tells me the following: Manual Focusing Methods In ...
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When to use which of Fujifilm X Camera's Film Simulation options? [duplicate]

I've been using the Fuji X-E1 for several months now and I'm still quite confused on when to use the film simulations like Astia, Hi-Pro neg & Neg standard. In what particular scenario should I ...
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Does the Fujifilm X-E1 work with Ubuntu?

I am an Ubuntu user. So far all my cameras worked perfectly out-of-the-box (Shotwell). I am thinking about buying the X-E1. I was wondering if anybody has already tried it with Ubuntu (Precise ...
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Is a chattering noise normal with the Fuji X-E1 and 35mm F/1.4 lens?

Is it normal to hear chattering noise in Fuji 35mm 1.4 x-lens when half-pressing and releasing the shutter button? Kind of annoying when the lens has focusing noise. Using the latest firmware.