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Fujifilm X100V X Raw Studio connection issues with v3.01 firmware

I use X Raw Studio on MacOS and X100V with the latest 3.01 firmware. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with older firmware (2,13, 3.00). Everything works as expected. The ...
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Godox X1T(F) + V850ii on Fuji XE-3: does TTL mode work?

I've borrowed a Godox X1T for Fuji cameras, and a Godox V850ii flash. I'm trying to use that stuff with a Fuji XE-3. I'd like to be able to do this in a "TTL" auto-flash setup, which I think ...
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Why does my X-T2's flash only fire once?

This is an issue that has only recently started showing up and seems to point towards something physically wrong with the camera/hotshoe somehow. The problem is any flash that I mount on camera only ...
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