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an image sensor and a company, Foveon, Inc. The Foveon X3 sensor differs from other sensor in that it uses an array of photosites with vertically stacked photodiodes rendering Bayer filters or alike unnecessary. Sigma Corporation bought Foveon, Inc in 2008 and are producing the sensor for use in their cameras.

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Which Sigma SA Mount lenses render corner to corner sharp images on APS-H format of the Sigma sd Quattro H?

Sigma's sd Quattro is an APS-C format camera, while the sd Quattro H with the same mount is an APS-H format camera with a larger sensor than APS-C. Compared to "full frame", APS-C has a crop ...
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Can the human eye be seen as more like a Bayer sensor than a Foveon sensor?

I've heard that human cone cells can detect only one color, so it's more like a Bayer sensor than a Foveon. So, if the human eye is close to the Bayer sensor, I wondered if color moire would occur in ...
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Does ISO 50 reduce the signal level from CCD/CMOS?

As I know, ISO (in digital photography) is simply a gain power of electronic amplification of an electric signal read from the sensor. Is it guaranteed that minimal ISO setting is just a "minimal ...
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Can RAW -> DNG convertion harm image data?

I tried Adobe DNG Converter with X3F files produced by Sigma DP1x and everything seemed fine until a couple of files I found with the same symptoms: (OK) Sigma Photo Pro (.X3F -> .JPEG): https://img-...
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What makes the Foveon X3 a "direct" image sensor?

In marketing materials mentioning the Foveon X3 sensor, I usually see it referred to as the "Foveon X3 direct image sensor" (example): I understand how the Foveon X3 sensor works (stacked photosites ...
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Foveon x3 sensor [duplicate]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Foveon X3 sensor compared to sensors that use Bayer filters or other color filter arrays? Using resolution, noise, and light gathering performance.
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How do digital sensors that capture one color at each photosite compare to sensors that capture many colors?

There are different type of digital camera sensors, those sensors that can capture only one color at each photosite and those who can capture more than one color at each photosite. Which one is ...
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What happened to Foveon sensors?

It seems like the Foveon sensor should be able to produce better images, because it's not dependent on the separate red, green, and blue pixels as exist on most digital cameras. However, cameras ...
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What are differences between Bayer mosaic and Foveon 3 layer sensor?

To filling my appetite on camera things hunger I've came across to Sigma website and found this 3 layer sensor stuff. Can anyone really explain this based on their experience or research about this? ...
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